Ipswich State High School

OperationsManager: Felice Gatenby

Region: Metropolitan

School Type: Private Secondary School

No. of students: 1700

Days open: 5

Recent Awards:

Brigade of the Year 2016

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Tuckshop Objective

Our Tuckshop mission is embodied in the BGS P&F Auxiliary’s motto; Connect, Care and Contribute.

The tuckshop provides an avenue for parents to connect to our Community, we care about the students, their health and well-being and we contribute to the School by providing funds that improve the School for the benefit of the staff and students. We aim to provide food for all; popular and healthy choices, with a focus on fresh and “home made” whilst at the same time offer a fun and friendly environment for our parents to help, form friendships and be role models

2016 a year of change…

Individuals working as a team is necessary for a successful business and this is no different for our tuckshop. Many outside of the tuckshop world may think that the tuckshop tasks are easy; making a few sandwiches cant be too hard may be the catch cry of some. The majority of our food is made fresh daily in the tuckshop. Running a tuckshop for a school of 1700 hungry boys is challenging and it takes a great team to make it work each day. Ours is just that.

Not everyone likes change but when you work in a progressive school theres no chance to sit still. We are always looking for better and more efficient ways to operate and our tuckshop team embrace each change with enthusiasm. They understand change can be a positive. Our team which was formalised this year goes above and beyond their job description and continue to offer volunteer hours for our cause.

Communication is the key to successful job sharing. Our team happily contact each other on their days off to check if anything might be required whilst they’re at the shop or to discuss changes that might be occurring throughout the week. Nothing seems to be a problem as they make sure that together, they can tackle any change that may come their way. As the students visit external venues, sit lengthy exams that continue past our regular meal breaks and attend our outdoor education centre, each day there can be a wide variance to the numbers of students at the tuckshop (and what time they arrive!). To avoid wastage, the team jointly guesstimates how much to cook and prepare for sale; all the time mindful that they do not want to run out of food and so no boy goes hungry. They do a great job at managing this!

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