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2022 Tuckshop Day Celebrations

On Friday, 4 November, tuckshops across Queensland were recognised and celebrated for their tireless work and dedication to their school communities.

Our hearts were warmed to see the outpouring of love through flowers and certificates, special morning teas and assemblies, and beautiful artwork from students.

Take a look at some of the Tuckshop Day highlights from 2022.

Tuckshop Day, an initiative of the Department of Education, is held on the first Friday in November.

It is a day to recognise and give a special thank you to all tuckshop workers and volunteers across Queensland state schools.

It also highlights the important role tuckshops play in school life. Providing nutritious food and drinks means families can have one less task to worry about at the start of their day and helps students to concentrate and learn well in class.

Tuckshop Day will return in 2023 on 3 November.

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