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QAST exists to support tuckshops

The Queensland Association of School Tuckshops (QAST) is a not-for-profit membership association working with Queensland school communities to build capacity in tuckshops and improve health outcomes for children.

Our vision is Healthy tuckshops, healthy schools, healthy children and we exist to support Queensland tuckshops to serve sustainable, affordable, nutritious and safe food choices.

Our members

The Association’s membership base is comprised of individual school tuckshops from State, Independent and Catholic schooling sectors across Queensland.

These members range from small school tuckshops located in remote locations providing meals one day per week, to large secondary schools and colleges in metropolitan or regional centres providing food services to over 2,000 students and teaching personnel daily.

Over 500 schools choose to support and benefit from QAST membership.

The QAST team

The QAST team is employed by the Management Committee to deliver services to members and the Association’s annual operational plans.

The Association also frequently benefits from contributions by volunteers and university students.

Chris Ogden

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has been involved with QAST for over 25 years. Chris oversees the QAST team and is a Food Technologist, Food Safety Supervisor and has Certificate IV’s in Training and Assessment, Governance and Facilitation. Chris has previously worked as Health and Nutrition Manager for the Queensland Dairy Authority. She is passionate about the hard work tuckshop convenors do and its importance for children’s health. She believes in cooking from scratch to choose whole foods as ingredients.

Deanne Wooden

Senior Projects Manager

Deanne is a qualified dietitian-nutritionist with over 20 years in the government, non-government, education and health sectors, progressing public health nutrition initiatives aiming to keep Queenslanders healthy. Promoting healthy eating for children is a mission for Deanne, not just a job. She loves cooking good food, serving the community, and volunteers in her children's schools P&C and tuckshops.

Donna Moyle

Project Manager

Donna joined QAST in 2022 and looks after the Healthier Tuckshops Program. With qualifications in Nutrition Science, and 15+ years in stakeholder engagement, health promotion, nutrition research and program delivery, Donna has a passion for educating and empowering others to achieve outcomes that benefit themselves and their communities. She has been involved in the local school’s tuckshop for six years as both a volunteer parent and a P&C representative.

Natalie Farrugia

Project Manager

Natalie joined QAST in 2022. Natalie has a 15-year background as a Registered Nurse and a Master of Public Health. She is passionate about nutrition, especially in childhood, and currently works as tuckshop convenor at her children’s primary school. Natalie is currently working on the Healthy Eats collaboration with Life Education Queensland.

Astri Candrarini

Project Manager

Astri, joined QAST in 2022. She manages the Connections Through Cooking Project, recruiting, placing and supporting volunteers from culturally diverse backgrounds in tuckshops. Astri has spent a lot of time volunteering for organisations that help migrants and refugees find employment. Astri speaks fluent Indonesian, French, Malaysian and English.

Chrissy Buzzard

Communications Manager

Chrissy joined QAST in 2021 bringing with her over 10 years' experience in communications and marketing for not-for-profit, membership associations. With a Bachelor of Journalism, Cert IV in Project Management and vast experience in the digital space, Chrissy loves working collaboratively and has a passion for developing healthy eating habits for children.

Karen Tobin

Administration Manager

Karen has been with QAST for over 15 years. She is your first point of contact at QAST. Karen is a Food Safety Supervisor and has a Certificate IV in Co-ordination of Volunteer Programs. Karen is passionate about working with convenors to help them achieve their goals, she also enjoys creating a range of volunteer resources.

Our Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the administration and strategic planning of the Association’s activities on behalf of the members.

The Committee is made up of a diverse group of people and includes tuckshop convenors, community members and parent body representatives.

This group provides valuable insight into all aspects of tuckshop operations and their role in the community to ensure the Association remains representative of its members and relevant to current issues in the sector.

2023 Committee

Lorie Robinson

Ipswich Girls' Grammar School, Catering Manager (retired)

Candice Coopmans

Vice President
Wellington Point State High School, Tuckshop Convenor

Kelly Williams

Vice President
Community Representative

Barbara Radcliffe

Community Representative

Deanne O'Neill

Convenor Representative
Currajong State School, Tuckshop Convenor

Tania-Lea Nelson

Convenor Representative
Wooloowin State School, Tuckshop Convenor

Madonna Jardine

Convenor Representative
Cavendish Road State High School, Co-Tuckshop Convenor

Sara Begg

Convenor Representative
Freshwater State School School, Tuckshop Convenor

Megan Towner

Convenor Representative
Ferny Grove State High School, Tuckshop Convenor

Donagh Freestun

Parent Body Representative
P&Cs Qld

Cathy Condon

Parent Body Representative
Catholic School Parents Qld

Health & Wellbeing Queensland

In 2021, QAST secured a 3-year contract from Health and Wellbeing Queensland to deliver the Healthier Tuckshops Program. The program is designed to increase opportunities for Queensland tuckshops to offer and promote healthier food and drinks options in Queensland school tuckshops in line with the Smart Choices strategy.

The Healthier Tuckshops Program is one of six programs that are funded through Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland partners
Image: Craig Zonca (10000 Steps); Steve Renouf (Deadly Choices); Dr Robyn Littlewood (HWQld Chief Executive); CWA State President; Jamie’s Ministry of Food Representative; Jamie’s Ministry of Food Participant; Louise Natusch (My Health for Life); Chris Ogden (QAST Executive Services Officer)


Department of Education

QAST has a collaborative partnership with the Department of Education, meeting once a term to discuss matters about the Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy and its implementation in schools.

QAST has also been involved in the review of the Standing Offer Arrangement for Food and Groceries in 2019.

In 2019/2020 the Department funded the Tuckshop Turnaround Project, which has allowed QAST to work with 21 school tuckshops, 3 in each Education Region to assist them to become profitable.

Funding and sponsors

QAST receives a large portion of its funding from membership fees, in addition to assistance from Health and Wellbeing Qld and the Department of Education.

QAST also has a successful history of winning grants to carry out other special projects and welcomes interest from corporate sponsors and advertisers.

Year Event
2023 The Creating Connections through Cooking project achieves a milestone of 100 volunteers placed in school tuckshops and is awarded another year of funding through the Queensland Government’s Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Program.
2023 The inaugral A Better Choice Conference is hosted by Health and Wellbeing Queensland with support from the Queensland Association of School Tuckshops, P&Cs QldDepartment of Education and Queensland Health
2022 The Recipe of the Year competition gains extensive media coverage, including WIN News Toowoomba, ABC Online, Breakfast with David Iliffe – ABC Southern Queensland, Drive with Richard Glover – ABC Sydney, Studio 10 equating to $311, 834 ASR.
2022 QAST launches a Food Safety Supervisor Refresher Course which incorporates COVID-19 information.
2022 In partnership with Health and Wellbeing Queensland as part of the Healthier Tuckshops Program, QAST publishes the first episode of The Talking Healthier Tuckshops Podcast.
2021 QAST’s online, self-paced Food Handlers Course launched.
2021 QAST revamped website launched
2021 QAST secures a 3-year contract from Health and Wellbeing Queensland to deliver the Healthier Tuckshops Program.
2020 Pathway to Profit Course is launched to provide the skills to manage the business side of the tuckshop.
2020 Healthy Eats program launched
2019 Connections Through Cooking project funded by a Fostering Integration Grant from the Department of Home Affairs enabled QAST to engage people from diverse backgrounds to volunteer in tuckshops.
2019 Tuckshop Turnaround financial service funded by Department of Education and Training.
2018 Convenor Course is launched to provide convenors with the skills and confidence to run a successful tuckshop.
2018 Survey of Queensland Tuckshops completed funded by Queensland Health.
2016 Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service initiated to respond to enquiries and liaise with food industry.
2016 QAST remains the only agency assisting tuckshops to implement Smart Choices receiving funding from Department of Health to maintain an annual regional network meeting, to develop resources for eMenu and maintain Smart Choices communications to schools. Department of Education and Training fund a Smart Choices Industry Forum and development of a support program to assist schools with implementing changes to the Smart Choices Ready Reckoner announced early in the year.
2016 Tuckshop TuneUp on site consultancy service is launched in response to member requests.
2016 Volunteer Management Course launched in response to member feedback.
2015 QAST celebrates 20 years. On 2nd December 1995 QAST had its inaugural meeting at Villanova College.
2015 Team Tuckshop Program provides one on one support to 50 school tuckshops with funding provided by the Department of Education and Training.
2015 Menu Management Course developed and delivered across Queensland supported by a Bursary program funded by Department of Education and Training.
2015 New QAST website goes live featuring Members Only access to Tuckshop Toolbox, eMenu integration, online consultancy bookings and the new QASTShop.
2014 eMenu (version 2) launched with funding from the Department of Education, Training and Employment.
2014 Tuckshop Finance Workshop
2014 QAST establishes YouTube channel QTuckshops with video equipment and production funded by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.
2013 QAST Tuckshop and Uniform Shop Convention replaces Expo
2013 Tuckshop Networks Program established to encourage sharing of ideas among convenors across the state with funding from the Department of Education, Training and Employment. 14 regional networks formed meeting quarterly.
2013 QAST endorsed as a Health Promotion Charity with DGR status.
2013 Uniform website launched.
2011 Inaugral Tuckshop Day announced by Education Minister to celebrate contributions of volunteers and convenors.
2011 QAST reopens and operates Samford State School Tuckshop to trial new strategies and online ordering systems.
2011 Talking Tuckshops eNewsletter launched, replacing the print version entirely by end of 2013.
2010 EcoFriendly Food website launched in partnership with Brisbane South Community Nutrition Unit.
2010 QAST joins the online community with Facebook.
2010 Good Food for Good Sports funded by a Queensland Community Partnership Grant.
2010 QAST introduces major new service for members- the Menu Health Check providing an annual report on menu performance in relation to Guidelines.
2010 Emenu tool developed and launched providing a free online menu design tool funded by Gambling Community Benefit Fund.
2009 QAST becomes a Registered Training Organisation and launches its Food Safety Supervisor Course training over 500 convenors in its first year.
2008 Swimmingly Good Food Project funded by a Queensland Community Partnership Grant.
2008 Survey of Queensland Tuckshops completed funded by the BUPA Health Foundation.
2008 QAST publishes Over the Counter: A Collection of Recipes Ideal for Canteens funded by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.
2006 QAST publishes first issue of the Talking Tuckshops magazine.
2006 Smart Choices Regional Presentations delivered in partnership with QCPCA.
2005 New QAST website launched.
2005 QAST is a lead agency assisting tuckshops to implement Smart Choices receiving funding from Education Queensland and Queensland Health to deliver additional services.
2004 Fresh Ideas For Fundraising Project funded by Health Promotion Queensland and One Harvest.
2003 QAST Trade Directory launched with support of Gambling Community Benefit Fund.
2002 Food Safety Summit.
2002 Inaugural Townsville Trade Fair.
2001 Queensland School Breakfast Project funded by the Department of Health and Ageing.
2000 QAST Business Plan developed with assistance of Gaming Machine Benefit Fund.
1999 Food Safety in Tuckshops Project.
1998 QAST hosts the inaugural Queensland Tuckshop Convenor of the Year Awards.
1998 Survey completed of all Queensland Tuckshops.
1997 QAST co-hosts the Inaugural Total Tuckshop Conference in Brisbane in conjunction with the Australian Nutrition Foundation’s Annual Trade Fair.
1997 Regional Tours commenced and continued until 2000.
1996 QAST becomes an incorporated Association.
1996 Queensland School Breakfast Project- Parents funded by Queensland Health and Golden Casket.
1995 First Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Association of School Tuckshops is held

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