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QAST is committed to advocating on behalf of tuckshop convenors to display the positive and professional manner in which they carry out their role and the importance of tuckshops and canteens in the school environment.

Tuckshops are a major contributor to the diets of students and QAST welcomes media opportunities which can show how they provide nutritious, safe and affordable food services at school.

For media enquiries please contact Deanne Wooden, Senior Project Officer on (07) 3324 1511 or 0458 029 688 or email, or Chrissy Buzzard, Communications Officer, on (07) 3324 1511 or email


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Latest News

View our latest news articles to find our what’s happening at QAST and within school tuckshops.

We wrapped up another successful year of our Creating Connections through Cooking project with a celebratory picnic in Brisbane on Wednesday, 7 December 2022. Hosted by QAST Project...
25 January 2023
Parents of around 76,000 Queensland school children are using tuckshops to feed their children lunch at least three times per week during the school year. Finding healthy options...
24 January 2023
The Queensland Government’s School Playground and Tuckshop Upgrades Program is a great opportunity for state schools to apply for funding to upgrade their tuckshops. The Queensland...
16 November 2022
On Friday, 4 November, tuckshops across Queensland were recognised and celebrated for their tireless work and dedication to their school communities. Our hearts were warmed to...
8 November 2022
The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend eating dairy foods every day. The foods and drinks in this group are excellent sources of calcium, which is important for strong, healthy...
11 October 2022
It’s Queensland Mental Health Week this week, and as we head into the ‘busyness’ of Term 4 it is a good reminder to take time out and check in with yourself – how are your energy levels...
11 October 2022
A Dalby school tuckshop has taken out first place in the Queensland Association of School Tuckshops’ 2022 Recipe of the Year competition. The panel of judges simply couldn’t look...
18 August 2022
Have you ever made a new year’s resolution, only to find it broken before school even starts? More than half of all resolutions fail, with one third not making it past the end of January....
19 July 2022
An inclusive tuckshop menu is one that caters for the entire school community.   Children follow special diets for many reasons, including allergies, food intolerances,...
19 July 2022
To support and empower tuckshops to become more financially viable, in 2019 QAST worked closely with 21 Queensland schools in the Tuckshop Turnaround Project. The project was funded...
28 June 2022
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