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QAST is committed to advocating on behalf of tuckshop convenors to display the positive and professional manner in which they carry out their role and the importance of tuckshops and canteens in the school environment.

Tuckshops are a major contributor to the diets of students and QAST would welcome media opportunities which can show how they provide nutritious, safe and affordable food services at school.

For media enquiries please contact Chris Ogden, Executive Services Manager on (07) 3324 1511 or 0431 302 237 or email


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17 May 2022
Good gut health is crucial to a well-functioning immune system, which can help your body fight off infectious diseases like COVID-19. What happens in your gut can also affect many...
13 April 2022
Whole grains are nutrient powerhouses that provide over 26 nutrients essential to support a child’s growth, brain function and immunity; but few Aussie kids eat enough. Many of the...
13 April 2022
The turnaround queen of Oakleigh State School tuckshop, Tammy Drake, has bid farewell to the convenor role, leaving the tuckshop in a thriving position with a focused vision for the...
6 April 2022
As the COVID fog begins to clear, we’re starting to discover that some of the trends that appeared in the pandemic may be here to stay. Read on to explore what’s sticking around, along...
22 March 2022
The Queensland Tuckshop Snapshot Survey conducted in 2018 highlighted a lack of financial knowledge in tuckshop convenors. In fact, it showed that many convenors are unaware of...
10 March 2022
Beryl celebrates 40 years of tuckshop service. It’s the end of an era at Harristown State School in...
9 March 2022
A day dedicated to pancakes is something we can all get behind! This year Pancake Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, 1 March and we encourage tuckshops to get involved. We’ve pulled...
23 February 2022
As life gets busy, sleep is one of the first things to go when people feel pressed for time. A poor night’s sleep can affect concentration, mood, and memory the next day, but did you know...
16 February 2022
The traffic light system in Smart Choices helps tuckshop convenors identify healthier foods, as defined by the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Foods from the five food groups are...
16 February 2022
The start of the Queensland 2022 school year will move from 24 January to 7 February. The new start date will apply to all state, catholic and independent primary and secondary schools....
18 January 2022
On Tuesday, 30 November 2021, the Queensland Premier announced a new Health Direction for workers in high-risk settings, including schools. From 11.59pm 23 January 2022, mandatory...
1 December 2021
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