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Health & Wellbeing Queensland

“We established Health and Wellbeing Queensland in 2019 because we understood that many of the underlying causes of poor health, including obesity, were determined by the environments where we live, work and play and that investing in programs that support people in their communities was the only way forward,” said HWQld Chief Executive Dr Robyn Littlewood.

QAST has secured a 3 year contract to deliver the “Healthier Tuckshops” Program from Health and Wellbeing Qld. The program is designed to increase opportunities for Queensland tuckshops to offer and promote healthier food and drinks options in Queensland school tuckshops in line with the Smart Choices. The Healthier Tuckshops Program is one of six programs that are funded through Health and Wellbeing Qld. 

Image: Craig Zonca (10000 Steps); Steve Renouf (Deadly Choices); Dr Robyn Littlewood (HWQld Chief Executive); CWA State President; Jamie's Ministry of Food Representative; Jamie's Ministry of Food Participant; Louise Natusch (My Health for Life); Chris Ogden (QAST Executive Officer)

Department of Education and Training

QAST has a collaborative partnership with this department, meeting once a term to discuss matters about the Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy and its implementation in schools.

QAST has also been involved in the review of the Standing Offer Arrangement for Food and Groceries in 2019.

In 2019 / 2020 the Department has funded the Tuckshop Turnaround Project, which has allowed QAST to work with 21 school tuckshops, 3 in each Education Region to assist them to become profitable.

Funding and sponsors

QAST receives a large portion of its funding from membership fees, in addition to assistance from the Queensland Government’s Health and Wellbeing Qld and Department of Education and Training. QAST also has a successful history of winning grants to carry out other special projects and welcomes interest from corporate sponsors and advertisers.


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