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With over 30 years’ experience, QAST is dedicated to the promotion and support of Queensland tuckshops and communities in their endeavours to offer nutritious, hygienic and economically viable food services.

QAST supports members through Menu Health Checks, food safety training and support, a financial consultancy service and so much more.

When we work with a tuckshop, we often see the tuckshop go on to experience greater success.  

Here are some of their success stories.

Oakleigh State School

QAST worked with Oakleigh State school to undergo a mini marketing makeover in their tuckshop to promote the sale of GREEN menu items. Some small, achievable changes were made in their tuckshop to increase the sales of GREEN menu items and improve the overall tuckshop appeal.


Craigslea State High School

In 2022 we touched base with one of the Tuckshop Turnaround project’s success stories, Craigslea State High School, to see how they were performing two years later.


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