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Members of the Association

The Association is comprised of individual school tuckshops from State, Independent and Catholic schooling sectors across the state of Queensland. These members range from small school tuckshops located in remote locations providing meals one day per week to large secondary schools and colleges in metropolitan or regional centres providing food services to over 2000 students and teaching personnel daily. Membership is renewed annually with over 650 tuckshop members choosing to support and benefit from the Association’s activities.

Members also include schools providing special educational services, school camping and other outdoor educational facilities, individuals from the community interested in school nutrition and life members who have dedicated considerable time and effort supporting the Association and its initiatives.

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Management Committee

Candice Coopmans

buy the stars lyrics President
Ormiston State School Convenor

Lorie Robinson

http://3starmetro.com/our-visionaaa/ Vice President
Ipswich Girls' Grammar School Catering Manager

Erica Koskela

Convenor Representative
Waterford State School Convenor

Deanne O'Neil

Convenor Representative
Currajong State School Convenor

Leanne Hayward

Convenor Representative
Bli Bli State School Convenor

Rebecca Favotto

Convenor Representative
Morayfield East State School Convenor)

Kelly Williams

Community Representative

Barbara Radcliffe

Community Representative

Scott Wiseman

P&Cs Qld Chief Executive Officer

The Management Committee is responsible for the administration and strategic planning of the Association’s activities on behalf of the Members. The Committee is made up of a diverse group of people ranging from tuckshop convenors, community members and Parent Bodies. This group provides valuable insight into all aspects of tuckshop operations and their role in the community to ensure the Association remains representative of its members and relevant to current issues in the sector. Members from around the state are encouraged to consider being a representative on the committee and are welcome to contact the Association to discuss what is involved.

The 2021 Management Committee Members are:

  • President: Candice Coopmans, Ormiston State School
  • Vice President: Lorie Robinson, Ipswich Girls’ Grammar
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Treasurer: (currently vacant / Chris Ogden (QAST) Acting Treasurer)
  • Secretary: Karen Tobin, QAST
  • Tuckshop Convenor Representatives: Deanne O’Neill (Currajong State School); Erica Koskela (Waterford State School);  Leanne Hayward (Bli Bli State School); Rebecca Favotto (Morayfield East State School); two positions remain vacant.
  • Community Representative: Barbara Radcliffe and Kelly Williams
  • P&Cs Qld Representative: Scott Wiseman
  • Catholic School Parents Qld: (currently vacant)

The QAST President Candice Coopmans can be contacted at president@qast.org.au or via the QAST Office or Contact Us form on this site.

QAST Office​

The team in QAST’s office are employed by the Management Committee to deliver services to Members and the Association’s annual operational plans. Staff who deliver services to our members have expertise in tuckshop management, food technology, nutrition and working with parent groups and other key stakeholders within communities. The Association also frequently benefits from contributions by volunteers and university students completing community nutrition practicum placements in their final year of studies to become dietitians.

Opportunities to be involved with QAST

QAST welcomes everyone’s involvement in the organisation. Consider;

  • Joining QAST
  • Taking up a position on the QAST Management Committee
  • Becoming a corporate sponsor or advertise to members
  • Attending a QAST Convention or Tuckshop Network Meeting
  • Volunteering for a QAST research project

347 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, QLD 4151

Judita Phone: (07) 3324 1511

Not a QAST Member?

QAST membership is the key to success in running a healthy and profitable tuckshop.

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