Convenor: Angela Owens

Region: Metropolitan

School Type: State High School

No. of students: 667

Days open: 5

Acknowledgement of QAST Awards Received:

Top Ten Tuckshop 2019

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 “At Balmoral State High School we love helping our community”

The tuckshop team at Balmoral State High School is dedicated to helping out not only their school community, but also the wider community.  This is done through supporting local suppliers such as the local butcher, fruit and vegetable store and other locally based businesses.

Their biggest achievement was helping out the local primary school following a fire on their campus. Students were moved to Balmoral State High School, where the tuckshop team quickly put together a tuckshop menu for the 300 primary school students, notifying parents how the ordering system worked and called in additional volunteers to assist. Suppliers also assisted by getting additional deliveries to the tuckshop quickly.

Over the past year the tuckshop menu has transitioned from one which served ‘basic foods’ to one that now offers dishes from around the globe. To encourage students to try different foods the tuckshop team created a ‘Passport to the World of Food’. Dishes include street foods, Thai, Indian and Mexican dishes with a different theme to suit each terms weekly special. Students enjoy trying the different dishes and receiving stamps in their Passport.

Angela works hard to ensure the atmosphere in the tuckshop is fun and caring, and communication channels are kept open. All team members are keen to learn from each other, step into a shift if a colleague is unable to work or if additional help is needed. Welcoming change and new ideas keep for the staff and volunteers engaged in their roles.

The Principal is thrilled to have a 5-star tuckshop menu and she tells people this whenever she gets a chance. The tuckshop is loved by the whole community.

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