Convenor: Leanne Hayward

Region: North Coast

School Type: State PrimarySchool

No. of students: 676

Days open: 5

Acknowledgement of QAST Awards Received:

Top Ten Tuckshop 2019

Tuckshop Menu of the Year 2018

Top Ten Tuckshop 2018

Fresh Start Award 2018

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 “Planning is the key”

Planning and communication play an important role in the success of Bli Bli State School’s tuckshop. Leanne Hayward, Convenor, meets on a regular basis with the tuckshop’s managing body (P&C Association), her customers and their parents to ensure she is running a financially viable tuckshop, whilst living up to the school communities expectations.

Planning and Financial Viability:

Leanne’s meetings with the Operations Manager include reviewing the budget and goals to make sure the tuckshop is operating viably and the goals that have been set are being met; she attends P&C meetings and speaks with parents to discuss her ideas for menu items; students are encouraged to give input into the menu and their feedback is always welcome; teachers input is sought, not only to give their ideas on what they would like to purchase from the tuckshop, they are also consulted on the needs of students.

At the beginning of each year Leanne discusses her plans for the next 12 months. Her aim’s for 2018 were to hold a competition to name the tuckshop; introduce a coffee machine; implement a staff menu; and to lower operating costs. “I am beyond excited to see things being ticked off my plan, and even more excited to plan for the next 12 months future growth”, said Leanne.

The financial goals of the tuckshop are met through a number of processes that Leanne has in place. Daily tally sheets serve as a record of all items sold each day; sales are entered into a spreadsheet at the end of each day which allow Leanne to keep track of what has been sold each month and how those sales change over the year. The Operations Manager provides Leanne with her actual budget every three months, allowing Leanne to see if she is on track or make changes if necessary. Suppliers pricing is reviewed each term and menu costings are corrected if needed.

Thinking outside the box!

Leanne is always looking at new ways to bring more business to the tuckshop. These have included the purchase of a coffee machine, which has proven to be a big hit with teachers and parents; catering jobs for the school are encouraged. A soon to be introduced initiative will help offset days where students are on excursions, they will be able to purchase a takeaway lunch pack, the ‘Offroad Pack’.


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