Co-convenors: Roberta O’Malley and Madonna Jardine

Region: Metropolitan

School Type: State Secondary School

No. of students: 1792

Days open: 5

Acknowledgement of QAST Awards Received:

Tuckshop of the Year 2019

Tuckshop Menu Award 2018

Top Ten Tuckshop 2018

Top Ten Tuckshop 2017

Tuckshop Menu 2017 (Secondary School)

Tuckshop Volunteer of the Year 2017 (Fiona Holliday)

Tuckshop Team 2017 (special commendation)

Queensland Smart Choices Menu of the Year Award 2016 (Secondary School)

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At the Cavendish Road State High School tuckshop it’s all about TEAMWORK!

Co-convenors Roberta and Madonna have built and maintain a tuckshop team who share a common goal ‘to work together to get the job done quickly and easily whilst enjoying each other’s company’, which is extremely important given the tuckshop team caters for a variety of dietary preferences amongst the schools almost 1800 students.  The positive environment in the tuckshop and focus on customer service has resulted in the school community being very supportive of the tuckshop, which in turn generates increased sales and patronage.

The self-service style system directs students to a range of tuckshop made meals on entry to the tuckshop service area. Cold meals, sandwiches and yoghurts are displayed in clear packaging and in fridges at eye level to be most attractive to students. Extra variety is added to the menu through a couple of hot daily specials available each day of the week. A focus on meals is maintained by placing snacks less prominently and after students have been tempted walking past meal options.

Students undertaking Certificate courses are supported by Roberta and Madonna whenever possible. In 2018 they took on 13 students completing their Certificate III in Hospitality by providing work experience at times designated by the school.  This has also led to senior students volunteering in tuckshop, giving the team a great boost in volunteer numbers, and helping to reduce operating costs dramatically.

A cornerstone to the financial success of the tuckshop is a spreadsheet containing the costs of all items with profit margin calculations. This is updated as ingredient prices change so that the cost and profit margin of each item on the menu can be closely monitored at all times and used to drive menu and pricing decisions. Rather than just raising prices when the cost of sales has increased, the spreadsheet enables the team to identify potential replacement menu items using cheaper ingredients. Any notable expenditure increase or income reduction is investigated with alternative solutions considered.

Other strategies used by Roberta and Madonna to keep costs under control include the implementation of recipe sheets for all staff and volunteers to follow, this ensures quantities are maintained and output is consistent so that costs are not impacted; developing a good working relationship with suppliers so they are continually made aware of new or less expensive options and to negotiate better pricing where possible; open and positive communication channels with the P&C and school administration; and the continuation of building a strong volunteer base to assist with the reduction of wages.

The positive and professional approach Roberta and Madonna take to managing the tuckshop is highlighted in the training and induction they provide to new staff and most importantly their volunteers. In a fun and engaging orientation session they ensure everyone is correctly inducted, so they are fully aware of their role and designated tasks and safety requirements. The convenors ensure their staff and volunteers understand the tasks they have been assigned, have the necessary equipment to efficiently complete their task and understand the consequences or impact if the task is not carried out correctly and in a timely manner. New staff members and volunteers are partnered up with a more experience member of the team to provide constant support and instruction until they have the experience and confidence to work on their own. Wherever possible they try to provide the opportunity for members of the team to work on their preferred tasks.

Robert and Madonna’s management of the tuckshop ensures the operation is maintained at the high standard the school community has come to expect and appreciate.


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