Convenors: Roberta O’Malley and Madonna Jardine

Region: Metropolitan

School Type: State Secondary School

No. of students: 1792

Days open: 5

Recent Awards:

Queensland Smart Choices Menu of the Year Award 2016 (Secondary School)

Top Ten Tuckshop 2017

Tuckshop Menu 2017 (Secondary School)

Tuckshop Volunteer of the Year 2017 (Fiona Holliday)

Tuckshop Team 2017 (special commendation)

Tuckshop Menu Award 2018

Top Ten Tuckshop 2018

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Co-convenors Roberta and Madonna have built and maintained a tuckshop team who share a common goal ‘to work together to get the job done quickly and easily whilst enjoying each other’s company’, which is extremely important given the tuckshop team at Cavendish Road State High School team caters for a variety of preferences amongst the schools almost 1800 students


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