Convenor: Jennifer Munro

Region: South East

School Type: State PrimarySchool

No. of students: 737

Days open: 5

Acknowledgement of QAST Awards Received:

Top Ten Tuckshop 2019

Tuckshop Menu Award 2018

Top Ten Tuckshop 2018

Queensland Tuckshop of the Year 2016

Top Ten Tuckshop 2016

Smart Choices Menu Award Top 5 Primary 2016

Environmental Awareness Award 2016

Top Ten Tuckshop 2015

Smart Choices Menu Award Top Ten 2015

The Volunteer Team (Special Commendation) 2015

Top Ten Tuckshop 2014

Smart Choices Champion Award (Jennifer Munro) 2014

Smart Choices Menu Award 2014

Community Service Award (Supporting Healthy Lifestyles) 2014

Tuckshop of the Year 2013

Top Ten Tuckshop 2013

Top Ten Menu 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Award 2013

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“The overall focus of our tuckshop is to not just aim for one idea but to try and help where we can”.

Jennifer Munro and the tuckshop team at Coombabah State School are always looking at ways to improve on the role they play in the school community. During 2019 the school focus was on the importance of recycling and looking after the environment and whilst the tuckshop has always strived hard to be environmentally friendly there where areas for improvement that were identified.

The first area of the tuckshop to be reviewed was packaging and after researching different products and companies, 95% of their packaging is now environmentally friendly. The team is also making steps towards introducing reusable cups and bowls for items sold over the counter. The students took to the idea immediately, loving the bright colours and proudly returning the items after consuming their meal. In the six months since introducing the scheme not one cup or bowl has gone missing.

To keep the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables down, fresh produce from the Stephanie Alexandra Kitchen Garden is used. The students love delivering fresh vegetables and discovering what the items will be used for. Another great initiative of the tuckshop team is to work with the school Chaplain, who once a week receives a delivery from Oz Harvest to assist with the school’s breakfast program. Any excess produce is passed on to the tuckshop. This mystery box is met with much excitement each week and ideas of what to create start flowing and it forms the basis of many delicious specials and introduces the students to new fruits and vegetables.

The tuckshop team feel that they are an integral part of the school community and like to go the extra mile to offer more than just an outstanding food service. Just one example of this is the lending library they have set up outside the tuckshop. When they noticed children sometimes sitting by themselves during lunch breaks, they approached the library for the use of some unused books. A basket of books now sits outside the tuckshop for students to borrow from. It not only fills their time during their break, is also a great way to encourage reading. The team hope it might even lead to older students reading to the younger ones and create a special little community.

Jennifer and her dedication team have a shared passion and goal to provide the school community with a healthy and wholesome menu and this creates a positive work environment. Their ability to effectively collaborate, share ideas and inspiration is a vital ingredient in the success of the tuckshop. Volunteers are encouraged to participate and made to feel part of the team. The tuckshop always projects a positive vibe with lots of laughter being heard. As with any tuckshop not everything always goes to plan, but when something goes amiss it is dealt with positively and as they say, “there is nothing that can’t be fixed”. Such as the time students started arriving to collect their basket which weren’t filled! The team thinking the students had arrived early started to send them back to class, when to their dismay the bell rang. The tuckshop clock had stopped! Baskets were quickly filled to the sounds of laughter. Dealing with mishaps and stresses in this positive way makes everyone feel at ease and able to get on with their day.

To celebrate and acknowledge their volunteers a mural was painted inside the tuckshop. This is the ‘Tuckshop Tree’ and is filled with apples and oranges. The apples hold the names of volunteers and the oranges hold the names of student helpers and the year they volunteered. The tree has been designed so the branches can spread around the walls of the tuckshop, allowing for more fruit to be added.

These examples of community spirit and positive attitude make this tuckshop team an integral and much loved part of the Coombabah State School community.

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