Farnborough State School

Convenor: Jennifer Munro

Region: South East

School Type: State PrimarySchool

No. of students: 737

Days open: 5

Recent Awards:

Queensland Tuckshop of the Year 2016

Top Ten Tuckshops 2016

Smart Choices Menu Award Top 5 Primary 2016

Environmental Awareness Award 2016

Tuckshop Menu Award 2018

Top Ten Tuckshop 2018

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Tuckshop Objective

The objective of our tuckshop is to provide a healthy affordable service which nourishes the mind and body. Healthy food equals healthy minds.

A year of change…

This year we have been working hard to change the way the school and community views food and our tuckshop.We have been creating healthy food with a real focus on presentation. Before embarking on changes we asked the students what they would like to see from the tuckshop. Whilst they were happy with the menu they wanted to see a change in the items available for sale over the counter. The consensus was that everything was always the same and they were bored with what was on offer.

After brainstorming with staff and volunteers we began trialling different items and offering samples to students and teachers. our “mini extras” were born. These are smaller versions of regular menu items, along with non menu items, attractively packaged and displayed. Many of the items have a special twist – instead of cheese and crackers we have crackers with cheese hearts, fruit salads with watermelon flowers. Extra special touches designed to grab attention and ultimately sales.


We love innovative ideas in our tuckshop. This year we moved towards creating menu items with a quirky touch. Our specially designed Bento boxes are one of our most popular items and are a complete meal in a box. We have our Batty Bento – with a bat shaped sandwich, mini watermelon bats, muffin and a popper and our Princess Bento – a ham and cheese wrap, heart shaped watermelon, mini muffin and popper. Parents love the fact they can order a complete meal in one and students adore the fun healthy shapes. On any one day we can make up to thirty of these boxes. We also created a smaller snack bento with watermelon shapes, popcorn and rice crackers with bat or heart shaped cheese. A simple healthy snack with a fun twist.

Free Fruit Friday…

We saw a need this year to provide students with a healthy start to the day as many would come to school with no breakfast. As we already help with a weekly breakfast program on a Wednesday we decided on the idea of offering a “Free Fruit Friday”. This venture started out small with fruit left over from our Wednesday breakfast club. One of our school families was so impressed with what we were trying to achieve that they offered to help with donations of fruit every week.

Free Fruit Friday is offered to the whole school and teachers can request platters for their class. Teachers who have received these platters have commented that the students are calmer and more ready to work after their fruit break. When we first started offering this service there was a group of senior boys who would wander up, look and wander off stating they didn’t like fruit. After a few weeks of encouragement this same group can now be heard calling in excitement ” It’s Free Fruit Friday, let’s go!” and they are always first in line when the shutter goes up , asking if they can please take two pieces of fruit.

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