QAST has a wonderful database of healthy and profitable recipes and menus. These are stored on eMenu. Here you will find a selection of quick and easy recipes suited to the busy tuckshop environment, many have come from our members.

The recipes have few ingredients and simple methods to reduce the workload to get meals out on time. It also has a recipe costing calculator which can be updated when prices rise.

There are sample menus to help with ideas and even several templates to make your menu look inviting. Check out the suppliers directory when you are looking to find a food or beverage company.

It really is a one stop shop for tuckshops!

Browse through our quick and simple recipes now.

Japanese Bento Box

Bento Boxes are fun and healthy, try to be inventive, this one came from Wellers Hill State School and has a sushi roll, edamame, veg sticks, half an apple and a mini muffin.

Pasta Bolognaise

Tried and true, pasta bolognaise is a winner in every tuckshop. This recipe came from the team at Cav Rd State High School and is one of their top sellers.

Cauliflower Quiche

Bluewater State School have sent us this tasty quiche, packaged with a colourful salad yum!

Banana Muffin

These muffins are popular and a great way to use left over bananas. The team at Ithaca Creek State School has shared this recipe with us.