Convenor: Sabina Christensen

Region: Central Queensland

School Type: State PrimarySchool

No. of students: 310

Days open: 2

Acknowledgment of QAST Awards Received:

Queensland Convenor of the Year 2017

Top Ten Tuckshop 2017

Community Service Award 2017

Queensland Convenor of the Year 2017

Top Ten Tuckshops 2016

Smart Choices Menu Special Commendation 2016

Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Award 2016

Top Ten Tuckshop 2015

Smart Choices Champion Award (Amanda McLardy) 2015

Smart Choices Menu Award Top Ten 2015

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Tuckshop Objective

The aim of our tuckshop is to provide fun, fresh and healthy food for our whole school community.

We only use the freshest of ingredients and buy local when possible.

Thriving on change…

The Farnborough State School tuckshop thrives on change; each term the menu is changed to keep in line with seasonal produce and climate. The students love the changes and they cannot wait to hear what’s in store for them for the coming term. The menu is set up with golden favourites the students have enjoyed on the menu for years, as well as new and changing options that provide something for everyone. The homemade nutritious food delivered by Sabina is made from scratch, from fresh local ingredients, including produce from the school’s Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. Leftovers never go to waste they are renamed to a delightful dish that the student enjoy. When seasonal fruit and vegetables are available, Sabina orders them in bulk, this is both healthy for the students and practical for the tuckshop’s bottom line.

Having a green menu is extremely important to the tuckshop and community. Their mission statement is ‘Our aim is to provide fun, fresh and healthy food for our whole school community’. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption will always be Farnborough’s main focus. This is done by including fruit and/or vegetables in all the dishes. The same mince is used for the UFOs, Spaghetti Bol and the Mexican Meal. Grated carrot, zucchini, onion, tomatoes and fresh picked herbs are used in this recipe creating a beautiful rich flavour that the kids love. One of the most popular dishes is the Mexican Meal, with added red kidney beans, paprika and cumin to the base recipe. This meal is served with a tomato and lettuce salad and pita bread. Freshly baked muffins always include banana or apple.

Snack items on the menu include the ‘yummy platter’ (carrot sticks, fruit, cheese, crackers and homemade cheesy herb dip), seasonal fruit salad bowls, homemade custard with fresh banana and apple slinkies. The apple slinky is incredibly popular with many students now bringing their own apple to be slinkied. The prices for these items are kept to a minimum so more children can enjoy them. FREE FRUIT FRIDAY gives all the children the opportunity to receive tuckshop and to try fruits they may not have otherwise tried.

An initiative that has been a huge success at Farnborough State School is the introduction of reusable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. All meals are served on plates or in bowls that are returned to the tuckshop by the students after each meal break. A collection bucket is placed outside the tuckshop for students to return the dinnerware to and there is also a scraps bucket that students scrap any residue from their bowls/plates into.

Taking photos of the beautifully presented food is also an important part of the process, the tuckshop team has a dedicated face book page that showcases the foods they supplies, which they believe is essential for parents and caregivers to have the opportunity to see what is being served to their children. This page is also used to encourage and communicate with volunteers and keep the community up-to-date with tuckshop news.

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