Promoting products to QAST members and all Queensland school tuckshops

The Association offers a number of marketing opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of food and drink products including sponsoring or exhibiting at major tuckshop related events and advertising in school circulars, print publications and website advertising.

QAST’s eMenu Suppliers Directory is the primary tool used to inform schools about suitable products and services for the tuckshop. The directory features profiles of businesses supplying Smart Choices compliant items and individual profiles of those products including information on features and benefits, images and where the item fits in the Smart Choices guidelines.

View further information about the eMenu Suppliers Directory or call us on 07 3324 1511 for details about upcoming events or advertising in our publications.

Healthy food and drink guidelines for Queensland school tuckshops

The Queensland Government’s Smart Choices- Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools is mandatory for all state schools and strongly encouraged for non-state schools.

In 2016, changes were made to the way some food and drinks are classified under Smart Choices to align more closely with the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines and the Australian Dietary Guidelines. These changes are reflected in the Updated 2016 Smart Choices Ready Reckoner. State schools are encouraged to implement these changes when they are able. There is no mandatory timeline for the implementation of these changes.

Smart Choices classifies food and drinks using a spectrum of GREEN, AMBER or RED. Items identified as RED are not suitable for tuckshop menus and their supply is limited to no more than two occasions per term. This applies to all situations where food and drink is supplied in the school environment including vending machines, school excursions, school camps, fundraising, classroom rewards, school events such as celebrations and sports days, and food used in curriculum activities.

Quick links for food and beverage suppliers and manufacturers

Current Smart Choices strategy document

Ready reckoner of commonly supplied food and drinks

RED food and drink criteria tables

Guides for determining if a product is GREEN, AMBER or RED

Using QAST’s eMenu Smart Choices online calculator

Step 1: Visit the Smart Choices calculator on eMenu

Step 2: Select the product type if the item is a served as a hot meal, drink or snack. For all other items use the search function on the same page or refer to the Smart Choices ready reckoner.

Step 3: Refer to the category examples to identify which calculator to use from the drop down list and make your selection.

Step 4: Enter the nutritional information requested and click on the ‘Find my rating’ box.

Using Smart Choices documents:

Step 1: Refer to the ready reckoner and find the appropriate category that best matches the product.

Step 2: The coloured dots identify where the product is likely to be on the food and drink spectrum of GREEN, AMBER or RED. Refer to the comments for additional explanation or exemptions.

  • Items with a GREEN dot only or RED dot only do not require any further assessment.
  • Items withmultiple coloured dots eg. an AMBER and a RED dot, require further assessment. Refer to the comments section for clarification or to identify which RED criteria table to use.

Step 3: If required, refer to the RED food and drink criteria table and use the nutritional information for the item to determine if it is RED or AMBER.

Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service (SCNAS)

QAST provides a free service for manufacturers, industry members and suppliers who are able to contact the Association regarding the classification of their food and drink products, in line with the Smart Choices Strategy (including the 2016 Ready Reckoner).

To access this service, please email us at or call us on 07 3324 1511. In most cases a nutrition information panel and ingredients list will be required.

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