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Food trends post-COVID

As the COVID fog begins to clear, we’re starting to discover that some of the trends that appeared in the pandemic may be here to stay.   

Read on to explore what’s sticking around, along with the ongoing effects of lockdowns, food shortages, and cashless service, just to name a few. 

Health has become a priority for many people over the past two years. And it’s not surprising considering what we have all been through since COVID graced our shores.  

Consumers are looking for healthier food and drink choices, with ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. The less processed, the better. They’re also actively reading food labels to see what’s actually in the food and drinks they are purchasing. 

The products of choice need to offer a feeling of wellbeing, boast immune boosting powers and be produced sustainably.  

Plant-based food popularity has skyrocketed and it’s consistently increasing on tuckshop and restaurant menus, and on the supermarket shelves.  

The concept of meat-free days has become the norm in many Australian homes.  

The last two years have made consumers realise the importance of community and connection. Being locked away in the family fortress has left them with a sense of wanting to belong and to be part of something bigger.  

While working from home has been a godsend for most, many workplaces are now discovering that virtual connections may not always work in the long-term. Humans need physical contact and face-to-face interaction. Many are starting to venture back out to reconnect.   

All those many months of isolation have left people travel-starved and looking to explore different experiences through cuisine. They’re experimenting at home more than ever, trying recipes outside their comfort zone. Tuckshops are jumping onboard and weaving more cultural diversity into their menus, with tips from our Celebrating Cultural Diversity resource proving a hit.  

In today’s demanding environment, where change and complexity is the norm, and new issues arise daily – it has never been more important to evolve.  

To keep up we, as an industry, need to adapt, change and evolve. 

Sources: Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2021 and The Future of Food: Five Consumer COVID Trends That Are Here to Stay 

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