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Getting Involved in the School Tuckshop – it’s not out of reach!

How often do we as parents wish we had more support in raising healthy, happy kids? We go to such lengths to monitor bedtimes, encourage physical activity and prepare healthy meals at home. Yet so often our kids are surrounded by unhealthy environments which undermine our efforts.  

With kids spending forty weeks every year at school, the food environment they encounter there can either reinforce or sabotage the good food habits we work so hard to instill at home.  

The good news is, there are indeed things that we as parents can do to support our kids’ nutrition outside of the home.   

Have you ever considered volunteering in the school tuckshop? It might not sound ground-breaking, but contributing in the humble tuckshop gives us the power to have our say in influencing the food environment our kids are surrounded with, day after day. 

Many hands make light work, and tuckshop convenors are always on the lookout for volunteers.  

It takes more than food service to run a great tuckshop, and no matter how time poor you may be, there are many ways you can contribute: 

  • Volunteer in person in food preparation or service – even a couple of hours a month is valuable and greatly appreciated – and your own child will love to see your face on the other side of the counter! 
  • Utilise your skill set; assistance with marketing, grant writing, finance or survey and data collection are valuable assets. 
  • Do you love to bake but don’t necessarily want to eat it all at home?  Perhaps Homebake would be a great outlet for you!  
  • Donate goods or ingredients – ask the convenor what they need. 

Remember, every contribution matters, no matter how big or small. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or month in person, or lend your expertise remotely, your involvement in the school tuckshop can make a big difference in the lives of students and the broader school community.  What’s more, you never know what fantastic new friendships and connections you might make along the way! 

Ready to get involved? Contact your local tuckshop convenor or P&C today to learn how you can contribute and make a positive impact in your child’s health and school community. 

QAST members receive access to an array of support and tools to make a healthy, thriving tuckshop a reality; membership is a no-brainer!  

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