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Important changes to Food Safety Supervisor Certifications

Do you have a certified Food Safety Supervisor in your tuckshop? Changes have been announced that could impact you and your tuckshop moving forward.

Standard 3.2.2A, within chapter 3 of the Food Standards Code, was updated and gazetted in December 2022, and will become enforceable in December 2023.

So, what does it actually mean for school tuckshops?

From December 2023, all food businesses that are required to have a licence (including all non-government schools), will need to ensure staff who hold a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate has this qualification updated at least every 5 years. Previously there was no legislated requirement for the certification to be updated.

Whilst state schools are not required to have a Food Safety Supervisor on site according to the legislation, many tuckshops ensure at least one staff member has this qualification as best practice.

Who needs to obtain the certification?

Under the Food Standards Code, Standard 3.2.2A, Food Safety Management Tools, food safety supervisors for category one and category two food businesses (excluding the handling of food for or at a fundraising event) must obtain a food safety supervisor certification at least every five years.

The food safety supervisor should be able to provide their certificate to an authorised officer, if requested.

How often is training required?

A food safety supervisor certificate is valid for five years for category one and category two food businesses. The certification will need to show that the participant has successfully completed the required units of competency.

A complete course will need to be repeated every five years for category one and category two food businesses.  Alternatively, some RTOs may offer refresher food safety supervisor courses for those who have received the qualification previously.

What is QAST doing about it?

QAST has been working with the Department of Health and our RTO, Nutrition Australia Queensland, to work towards being able to meet any increases in demand for Food Safety Supervisor training.

If you need to update your certificate in the next six months, complete our Expression of Interest form or give our team a call on (07) 3324 1511 to discuss potential training dates.

Alternatively, keep an eye on our events and training calendar for course dates near you.

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