Convenors: Janelle Long, Jodie Bailey and Shirley JohnstonIpswich State High School

Business Services Manager: Jenny Shard

Region: West Moreton

School Type: State Secondary School

No. of students: 1524

Days open: 5

Recent Awards:

Queensland Smart Choices Menu of the Year Award 2014 (Secondary School)

QAST Top Ten Tuckshop Award 2014 and 2015

Volunteer of the Year 2016

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Pictured from left to right: Janelle, Shirley, Jodie and Jenny

“Innovation and thinking outside the box”

These are just a couple of the attributes that the tuckshop at Ipswich State High School prides itself on.

Early in 2014 things began to change around the school… no more cream buns, no more pies and a much greater focus on health and wellbeing. We spoke to Business Service Manager, Jenny Shard, to find out more about the tuckshop, the team and the future goals for this motivated school.

How long have you been a part of the team at Ipswich State High School?

I have been part of the wonderful team for 10 years. My role is Business Services Manager looking after financial, asset, business units, and supporting staff management of the school. I work closely with the Shirley, Jodie and Janelle in the tuckshop to ensure that healthy meal options are provided daily to staff and students.

Tell us a bit about your team

The real heroes of our tuckshop are the hardworking co-convenors behind the counter. We currently have one full time convenor and two part time convenors. I myself work behind the scenes but nothing would be possible if these ladies were not onboard with the changes and excited to be part of the team. We work together as a group to make sure that we can pull off what we set out to do.

Tell us a little bit about the tuckshop

The management of tuckshop shifted from the P & C Association’s responsibility to the school in 2013. We open five days a week catering for a school of 1100 students plus staff. We have only one volunteer but pay one fulltime and two part time convenors. This year we have focused on an upgrade to the equipment used in the tuckshop so that we can produce healthy meals. We have also redesigned the layout of the tuckshop to improve the flow for the students via self-service, with the tuckshop staff operating new point of sale equipment. We are working with the new point of sale equipment to provide reporting on product profitability to enhance our sales.

What inspired the healthy changes?

The Ipswich State High School Wellbeing Action Plan identified as an objective that we wanted to increase the number of employees and students purchasing healthy food from the tuckshop. Firstly, we undertook a QAST review of our tuckshop, which gave us valuable feedback to move forward and aim for best practice in our operations. We changed our menu from the start of the school year so that it reflected a five star menu and new image. There was no gradual phasing out of unhealthy items. We just made the change and never looked back.

Have the healthy changes you have made been well received by the staff and students?

At first there were staff and students still looking for the old style pie and cream bun lunches. But now the staff and students are enjoying the home cooked meals, fresh meat and salad wraps and fruit salads. Our staff and students are proud to say that we are a 5 star rated healthy tuckshop.

What is the future for your tuckshop? Do you have any visions?

We still have room for improvement. We need to keep experimenting with the menu to entice more custom, and keep improving on our profit margins. We would love to see more volunteers, but working daily with the retail student trainees in work experience and training them in healthy food preparation is a real highlight.

What would you recommend to other schools who want to start making healthy changes?

There was no real barrier. I would say it was easy and plan to make the change! We just promoted a new exciting healthy menu and people went along with it. We sold it as part of our school Wellbeing Initiative for the health benefits of the students and staff.

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