Network Meetings 2020

  • Meeting/Event Date: 26/Aug/2019
  • Location: Brisbane

Dates for 2020 to be released soon!

A tuckshop network meeting is a group of tuckshop convenors, tuckshop managers or volunteers from schools in the local area getting together to share their ideas. They provide a great opportunity to interact with others who understand the issues faced in a tuckshop.

Each meeting usually begins with a kitchen tour by our host tuckshop convenor followed by discussions on a range of issues often including:
• Sharing of menus and recipes
• Budgeting and pricing menu items
• Smart Choices
• Current grants available
• Ideas for producing food quickly
• Stock control and minimising waste
• Handling special diets on a menu
• Recruiting volunteers
• Suppliers servicing the area

A small afternoon tea is provided so we appreciate registrations.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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