Tuckshop of the Year 2019

This year the theme for Tuckshop of the Year is community engagement. We know that really great tuckshops are supported by really great school communities. This year we want to hear about all the wonderful people who assist in the tuckshop and also behind the scenes making it all work. Those who go that extra mile to make sure things run smoothly, get the word out about the fabulous service you provide and help out when everything goes pear shaped.

Awards Presentation Evening – date claimer – 1st November 2019 , venue Queen Alexandra Home. 347 Old Cleveland Road , Coorparoo!


Entries are open now and close on Thursday 10th October so that gives you the holidays get your entires in!!

The categories are:

Tuckshop of the Year

We are looking for the school that involves the community in running the tuckshop. This could be in the way they run their volunteer program, it could be that they have taken their whole parent community with them on a healthy food journey, it could be something that we haven’t thought of, just nominate and tell us how you have succeeded this year.

Top Ten Tuckshops

We are looking for school tuckshops that have fabulous menus, or have done something really innovative with volunteers or marketing, social media, just answer the questions and wow the judges.

The Questions

The theme this year is Community Engagement so the questions relate to how you and your tuckshop team have been able to get your school community involved.

  1. Tell us how the tuckshop reflects the unique aspects of the school and its community members. Examples of this could include: the volunteer program; embracing the cultural diversity of the school community; environmental / kitchen garden programs; sporting programs.
  2. What is the culture like in the tuckshop, how do you ensure that interactions are positive?
  3. What methods do you use to communicate with the school community to develop plans, market your goals and celebrate successes?

Nominate your tuckshop here.

Volunteer of the Year

Do you have a fabulous volunteer that you couldn’t live without, perhaps they come in and do your dishes or cook up your Pasta Bolognese. Nominate this wonderful person so that we can also thank them for their commitment to you and your school community.

The Questions

  1. How has this volunteer been a great school community member? Have they gone out of their way to reach out to the community in some way?
  2. Tell us a story….. Share a story about your volunteer that epitomises their contribution to your school’s tuckshop. What makes them special enough for you to nominate them for this award?

Nominate your volunteer here.


Recipe of the Year

It’s Recipe of the Year time again! We’d love to see what’s selling hot in your tuckshops and share recipes with other schools. This year we’ll be creating some more demo videos for you as well.

Please send through your recipes to admin@qast.org.au by Friday 6th September.

Last year’s winners – Tallebudgera State School

Watch them on you tube!

Recipe of the Year 2018 – Honey Soy Noodle Salad, Tallebudgera State School