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Your Industry Association & Member Services

Port Colborne QAST prides itself on providing services to empower you as a member, and help you make your tuckshop a place of pride in the school community. 

Just like your tuckshop, we also need support from our community and it is only with the support of membership that QAST is able to exist. 

The team at QAST has a great appreciation and respect for the diversity of school tuckshops and we would like all our members to feel like a unique part of our large extended family as we support each other on our individual journeys. There’s nothing better than when your tuckshop just works!

You can find a membership brochure, or read below.

QAST Members

Sign up for a full annual membership, join an existing membership (with your school) or renew your membership. You’ll get full access to all of our Resources, Menu Health Check our Helpline, and much more. We recommend this option for schools looking to improve their Tuckshop food and facilities.


Sign up for a non-member account. This will allow you to save certain Resources, Recipes and Menus within our website. You won’t get access to all of our Resources or many of our member benefits, but it’s a great place to start if you want to trial some aspects of membership before signing up.

Member Benefits

Member schools are able to access a range of essential services for convenors, parent body representatives and business managers, including:
  • Connect with us
  • Resources
  • Menu Health Check
  • Food Safety Training & Support
  • Talking Tuckshops eNews Updates
  • Financial Consultancy Service
  • Networking and Support
  • Tuckshop Day 
  • Recipes and sample menus.
12-month membership at a total cost of $220 is now available. Membership can be purchased at any time and is valid for 12 months from the purchase date. 

(Small school subsidies are also available for 12-month membership.)

Popular Member Services

QAST Tuckshop Training Courses

Developing the skills among your team immediately benefits both your school’s community and those working behind the counter. Members can enroll in one or all of our training courses. Courses offered include our Convenor Course, Pathway to Profit Course and Food Safety Supervisor Course – all delivered face-to-face in Brisbane and online.

  • Flexible training to match your existing experience or qualifications
  • Delivered face-to-face with other convenors to share ideas and tips
  • Quality courses designed specifically for tuckshops by a registered training organsiation

including GST per full day of training

Tuckshop Financial Consultancy Service

Is your tuckshop struggling to make a profit? QAST has over 30 years combined experience in running viable tuckshops and can assist your tuckshop to get back in the black.

The Tuckshop Financial Consultancy includes:

  • A review of the current and previous years profit and loss (include a copy of the current tuckshop menu).
  • Discuss areas of concern and proposed changes with Convenor, P&C/P&F and school administration representatives.
  • A written report that will compare your data with industry benchmarks and outline recommendations for changes.
  • Follow up contact to check on progress of proposed changes.

Free to QAST members

On-Site Consultant Services

Need an extra hand?

Our buy antabuse canada “Tuckshop TuneUp” consultants are qualified professionals who’ve worked with tuckshops for over 10 years. Plus, they’re backed by the wealth of knowledge of our committee and hundreds of members.

Only members can book onsite consultancy services with our industry experts.

  • Complete review of your tuckshop’s operations, menu and management
  • Detailed report and recommendations
  • Includes ongoing support activities to help make a change

including GST.


347 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, QLD 4151

how to buy Ivermectin Phone: (07) 3324 1511

Not a QAST Member?

QAST membership is the key to success in running a healthy and profitable tuckshop.

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