Convenor: Peita McClenaghanIpswich State High School

Region: North Coast

School Type: Non-state Secondary School

No. of students: 280

Days open: 5

Recent Awards:

Queensland Convenor of the Year Award 2014 (Peita McClenaghan)

Queensland Volunteer of the Year Award 2014 (Will Davis) Healthy Hero Award 2016 (Jordan Sesega)

QAST Top Ten Tuckshop Award 2014, 2015

Smart Choices Menu Award 2014, 2015, 2016 and Community Service Award 2014

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Pictured: Peita and student volunteers.

“You don’t need a fancy facility- people power can make all the difference”

The canteen convenor at Mt Maria College- Petrie, Peita McClenaghan, has fully embraced the concept of providing healthy options to the students and staff, despite having just a very small domestic type kitchen facility. At minimal expense Peita and the team have managed to outfit the tuckshop with a range of commercial appliances perfect for cooking low-cost meals efficiently, while giving the student volunteers the opportunity to learn to use professional, commercial kitchenware.A baine-marie, electronic grill, a sandwich press, steamers, electric woks, juicers, blenders, portable hotplates, warmers and a commercial espresso coffee machine have all been secured through either the gaining of grants, or as gifts.Peita’srapport with suppliers and the college administration enabled her to secure nearly $5000 worth of equipment during 2014 alone.

With upgraded kitchen facilities, the menu has been completely rejuvenated and now embraces cooking on site.Very few packaged items are sold, and each day freshly-prepared meal options are available including curries, rice dishes, noodle dishes, pastas, wraps and fruit and vegetable salads.The menu is constantly changing and, with a flair for presentation, healthier options are the most popular by far.

This tuckshop uses mainstream and special needs student volunteers, allowing them to gain international cooking skills as well as useful work skills such as barista training, cash register experience and customer service.The school aims for total integration of educational and pastoral programs, particularly in respect to the engagement of students with special needs, learning challenges and behavioural challenges.The tuckshopsupports all mainstream students via the provision of valuable volunteering opportunities.