Corn Fritters


Created by:

Petrie State School, QAST




1zucchini, grated
1/2red onion, finely diced
1/2large carrot, grated
1/2medium capsicum, finely diced
50gcheese, grated
1cupGF plain flour
410gcorn kernels, tinned
410gcreamed corn, tinned


  1. Grate zucchini, cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Squeeze out all excess liquid by hand.
  2. Grate carrot and cheese, finely dice capsicum and onion. Add to zucchini and mix together.
  3. Add drained tins of kernels, beaten egg and creamed corn. Mix well.
  4. Add GF flour and fold in. Do not overmix.
  5. On a low heat add butter and oil to the fry pan.
  6. Spoon fritter mix into 5cm rounds and cook for 4 minutes each side until crispy and coloured on the outside.
  7. Optional: serve with aioli or fruit chutney. Can be eaten cold.

Recipe description

Gluten free and vegetarian snack to eat on the go; bursting with colour and 4 veggies.


Non-gluten free: Swap gluten free flour with plain flour.

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