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Information on COVID-19 for the Tuckshop Resources

We will continue to update this page with developments, so please check back regularly for new resources and information.

Mandatory Vaccines

On Tuesday, 30 November the Queensland Premier announced a new Health Direction for workers in high-risk settings, including schools.

From 23 January 2022, mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for all people delivering a service at a State, Independent or Catholic school; early childhood education and care setting; or a youth detention facility.

People delivering a service’ includes contractors, volunteers, regulators and auditors, such as school tuckshop convenors and volunteers.

Learn more on the Queensland Government website.


Qld Government Update: 9 August 2021 regarding mask wearing in school settings: Masks in schools and childcare facilities.

Schools and childcare facilities across Queensland are subject to additional mask requirements:

  • High schools – masks must be worn by   teachers, staff and students
  • Prep to Year 12 schools – masks   must be worn by teachers, staff and students in grade 7 and above (even if   the student is under 12 years of age)
  • Primary schools – masks   must be worn by teachers and staff.


There are some other exceptions to wearing face masks, including for children under 12 (unless they are at school in Grade 7) and people with particular medical conditions or disabilities.

If in doubt, wear a face mask. You must wear a face mask when leaving your home, if you cannot wear a face mask please do not leave your residence.

Visit Qld Government – questions about face masks for more information.

The Department of Education website on Coronavirus is very helpful and includes a COVID-19 planning framework for schools. Schools in these areas are currently at the Department of Education’s scenario 1 (no restrictions or lockdown in place), which allows for the tuckshop to operate as usual, however no buffets or sharing of implements. You are required to carry a mask when you leave home and wear it when you are unable to social distance. As always check with your Principal for the school’s policy as he or she is the site manager and can make local decisions on whether the tuckshop is able/required to operate. For all teachers and staff  you are required to wear a mask.

For the Latest Information

For the latest information and updates please visit the Queensland Government’s Covid-19 information page or current restrictions and Queensland Health’s website.

Support for Employers and Employees

Visit the link for Australian Government updates Australian Government – Getting help during COVID 19.


Information on COVID-19 for the Tuckshop Resources

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