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Smart Choices Resources

Healthy food and drink guidelines for Queensland school tuckshops

The Queensland Government’s Smart Choices- Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools is mandatory for all state schools and strongly encouraged for non-state schools.

In 2016, changes were made to the way some food and drinks are classified under Smart Choices to align more closely with the National Healthy School Canteens Guidelines and the Australian Dietary Guidelines. These changes are reflected in the Smart Choices Ready Reckoner.

Want to rate a product or menu item with specific nutritional information? Use the QAST Smart Choices Calculator.

Smart Choices classifies food and drinks using a spectrum of GREEN, AMBER or RED. Items identified as RED are not suitable for tuckshop menus and their supply is limited to no more than two occasions per term. This applies to all situations where food and drink is supplied in the school environment including vending machines, school excursions, school camps, fundraising, classroom rewards, school events such as celebrations and sports days, and food used in curriculum activities.

For more information on Smart Choices, visit the Department of Education website.

Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service

QAST provides a free Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service (SCNAS) for food and drink suppliers of school tuckshops.

It is designed to assist manufacturers to determine where their new and existing products fit in the Smart Choices, Healthy Food and Drink Strategy for Queensland schools.

To access this support, phone (07) 3324 1511 or email

This service is funded by Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

Smart Choices Resources

QAST’s Menu Health Check service is designed to assist school tuckshop staff and management with the development...


30 March 2022

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