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COVID-Safe Plans

In establishing appropriate procedures for your tuckshop, you may like to consult the Queensland Government COVID-safe checklist for cafes and restaurants. Whilst tuckshops are a different environment, this checklist can provide a useful starting point to consider what may need to be adapted within your operations. The 4 square metre/2 square metre requirements listed in this checklist are about customers seated at restaurants, so do not apply in the tuckshop setting. Like all community members, tuckshop staff, volunteers and visitors do need to maintain 1.5m physical distancing.

We also need to stay home when unwell, practice good personal hygiene and wash hands regularly in the tuckshop. Consider how these processes can be addressed by new or updated policies or procedures, and volunteer induction processes (more detail below). These posters may be a useful reminder for your community members about these requirements. You may also like to establish limits for the number of people in selected areas and advertise these on entrances using signs available here. 

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