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Marketing to Families

It is important to market the tuckshop to all areas of the community to maximise your sales. Australia has a diverse, multicultural community, which is reflected in school families. In many countries students are provided with lunch in a cafeteria style, or do not spend their lunch time at school. Therefore it is important to explain the unique processes that we use in Australia to order food and drinks at school via the tuckshop.

QAST has worked with the Healthy New Communities project team at Metro South Health to develop a series of resources to support all families to use the tuckshop.

Introductory Videos

Primary school tuckshops in Australia: This is an introductory video for primary school students and their families. This could be played as part of Prep orientation sessions or transition programs, or links distributed to families via the school newsletter or Facebook page.

Secondary school tuckshops in Australia: This is an introductory video for high school students and their families. This could be provided to families as part of enrolment and other orientation processes at the school.

Teachers may wish to play the above videos as part of classroom activities. The teaching guides give ideas on how to link to the curriculum and promote further discussion about healthy eating and tuckshop with students. There are teaching guide for both primary school and secondary school to accompany the above videos.

Student story: In this video, Eddie Lubari shares his experience of using the tuckshop when he first arrived in Australia and the challenges he faced.

Convenor story: In this video, Therese Dunham shares her experience in offering a friendly service that is accessible for all students at Toowoomba State High School.

Tuckshop Guidebook and Visual Examples

The Tuckshop Guidebook resource explains how to use the tuckshop in both primary and secondary schools, and is designed for the whole family to view as a reminder of the content covered in the above videos.

Students and families with English as a second language may struggle to interpret a menu with small writing and many options so a visual menu is ideal. Pictures are a great way to market your options to all students, as well as those with lower English. You can also use the opportunity to promote menu items that meet specific dietary requirements such as halal, vegan or vegetarian diets.


Two posters (Tuckshop is for everyone and It’s OK to ask for help) have been designed to be displayed outside high school tuckshops to encourage students who have never used the tuckshop to ask the tuckshop convenor, school staff or other students for help.


The Halal Foods resource provides a summary of what halal food is, how you can provide halal menu items safely in your tuckshop and halal recipe ideas.

Resource Downloads
Tuckshop Guidebook Resource
Teaching Guide - Primary School
Teaching Guide - Secondary School
Visual Menu Example
Tuckshop is for Everyone
It's OK to Ask for Help
Halal Foods Resource
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