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Return to school delay

The start of the Queensland 2022 school year will move from 24 January to 7 February.

The new start date will apply to all state, catholic and independent primary and secondary schools.

We’re continuing to work with the Department of Education and P&Cs Queensland to determine what this means for our members and school tuckshops across Queensland. 

However, the most common question QAST is receiving is about getting paid. As every situation/school and contract of employent will be different, P&Cs Queensland is advising Tuckshop Convenors to speak directly with their employer (i.e. your school/principal/P&C Association) about wages and staff dates.

The Department of Education has developed some FAQs to answer how delay will affect Queenslanders, including:

Will vulnerable students and students of essential workers be able to attend school?


Yes. Students experiencing vulnerability and those whose parents are essential workers will be able to attend school and will be provided supervision on school sites.

Will vacation care be offered during these 2 weeks?


No. There will be no vacation care, however before and after school care will continue to operate as normal, subject to workforce capacity and Queensland Health advice.

Will school staff continue to work during these 2 weeks?


Yes. From 24 January, supervision for children of essential workers and vulnerable children will be provided by school staff. Remote learning will also be provided for studets in Year 11 and 12 from 31 January.

School staff will also work during the staff professional development days, 20–21 January.

Supplementing your income

If your tuckshop will be open for the students of essential workers, why not consider offering dinner packs for students and staff at school to take home. It’s a great income supplement and we saw some great success with this during the 2020 lockdowns.

Queensland Health has advised that state school Convenors can prepare and sell take-home meals for parents and staff of their school. The only stipulation is that the meals must be picked up from the tuckshop. They can’t be delivered by the convenor, staff or volunteers. Usual food safety standards and practices should be adhered to. 

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