Robina State High School

Convenor: Tannya Simmons and Kellie Nicholls

Region: South East

School Type: State High School

Case study from the Healthy Tuckshop Support Project 2018-2019

About the School: Robina State High School is a large school on the Gold Coast, with 1442 students. There is a canteen operating 5 days per week as well as a seniors’ Kafe for students in years 10 to 12.

Tuckshop objectives: The tuckshop team aim to provide a wide variety of healthy choices that are in line with Smart Choices.

Current Menu: 4 star menu with 73% GREEN items.

Financial Status: Profitable

QAST support services accessed by Robina State High School:

Menu Health Check each term

Regular phone and email support

Tuckshop Network Meeting participation

Tuckshop of the Year 2018 entrant

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Their story

The tuckshop operation at Robina State High School is unique in that they offer a canteen for all year levels as well as a ‘Kingfisher Kafe’, that includes a chill out area for senior students. The staff from Kingfisher Kafe and the tuckshop offer similar menu items and work together as a team to meet the needs of a large school community.

The staff at Robina have received support under QAST’s Healthy Tuckshop Support project and participation in Tuckshop Network Meetings has fostered the development of a strong mentoring relationship with the tuckshop team at Coombabah State High School. Coombabah is a well performing tuckshop with staff with many years experience. They have provided inspiration, ideas and templates to the Robina team.

The tuckshop convenor at Robina has also sought support directly from QAST via phone and email support to discuss any new recipe ideas or products promoted by suppliers.


The Robina menu has improved steadily since June 2017. At this point the menu was dominated by heat and serve AMBER or RED items, and also included a number of RED drinks and snacks. After a series of changes, the team first achieved a Smart Choices compliant menu in May 2018, with 65% GREEN. Staff confidence and experimentation has continued to grow, and for the past 12 months, the tuckshop has requested a Menu Health Check each school term to ensure they continue to meet Smart Choices. At present the menu contains 73% GREEN items.

Under a self service system, the Robina canteen aims to promote healthier options by arranging GREEN wraps, pasta dishes, fried rice and other tuckshop made meals before the AMBER pies and sausage rolls. Some of the most popular items include burgers, wraps and sushi bowls.