Durack State School Term 2 2017

Menu rating: 23

Health rating

23% Green
40% Amber
36% Red
0% Grey
Menu rating: 23

Rating Feedback

Menu dominated by a large variety of amber heat and serve options, plus numerous red items to be removed. Recommended introduce new menu with small range of tuckshop made options like burgers, pizza, fried rice, spaghetti bolognaise etc. Visit eMenu for recipe ideas. Crumbed chicken products to be served as a meal with vegetables- sweet chilli wrap with salad, with fried rice or snack pack with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, cheese etc. Items fried in manufacture red. Chips and confectionary red. Drinks other than 99% juice, milk and water also red. Consider free menu consultancy for extra support.

347 Old Cleveland Road
QLD 4151

Phone: (07) 3324 1511

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