Emu Park SS proposed Term 1 2017

Menu rating: 39

Health rating

39% Green
46% Amber
1% Red
12% Grey
Menu rating: 39

Rating Feedback

There are a small number of green snacks and wraps available but overall menu dominated by amber heat and serve choices. These are both poorer nutrition and less profitable. Try simple tuckshop made options like burritos, spaghetti bolognaise, stir fry, etc- ideas on eMenu. Work towards removing or modifying grey items to be compliant with Smart Choices update. Crumbed chicken & fish to be served with salad/vegetables. Remove choc shake- contains confectionary. Check hot dog product meets amber criteria- most do not. Sausage sizzle is red occasion- usually 2 occasions already covered by other school events.

347 Old Cleveland Road
QLD 4151

Phone: (07) 3324 1511

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