James Nash State High School Term 2 2019

Menu rating: 51

Health rating

51% Green
28% Amber
18% Red
1% Grey
Menu rating: 51

Rating Feedback

Nice to see some tuckshop made hot meals like pizza, burgers, lasagne and burgers. Overall a large menu with a high proportion of commercial AMBER items, which are reducing sales of more profitable and nutritious tuckshop made items. Reduce overall menu size and remove red items- pastries, garlic bread, hash browns, biscuits. limit juices to 250mL and coffee milks to 375mL. No drinks other than milk, juice and plain water. Serve crumbed fish/chicken with vegetables in some way- on a wrap, with fried rice, etc or remove from menu. Contact QAST with questions or revise and resubmit.

347 Old Cleveland Road
QLD 4151

Phone: (07) 3324 1511

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