Smithfield State High School Term 2 2020

Menu rating: 67

Health rating

67% Green
18% Amber
13% Red
0% Grey
Menu rating: 67

Rating Feedback

A great range of GREEN tuckshop made meals that are nutritious and profitable. Weekly specials are used well to create extra variety on the menu for students, without making too large a workload for staff. Menu rating is let down by a number of red items. Remove these to improve and meet smart Choices. Red items include croissant, chips, muesli bars, jelly, up& go,iced tea, flavoured water, garlic bread, juices over 250mL. Make sure muffins are fruit based items that meet smart choices or submit recipes to QAST to check. Welcome to contact QAST for menu planning advice if needed.

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Phone: (07) 3324 1511

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