St Pauls School Bald Hills Term 2 2017

Menu rating: 56

Health rating

56% Green
29% Amber
13% Red
0% Grey
Menu rating: 56

Rating Feedback

Great to see range of tuckshop made lunch specials alongside sushi, burgers and pizzas. However these are competing with a number of amber heat and serve items that are less profitable- focus on promoting tuckshop made items by marketing and/or restrict availability of amber hot meals. Items containing confectionary or choc chips are rated red. Crumbed chicken products to be served with vegetables- corn cob, salad, veggie sticks, coleslaw, or on a sub/wrap with salad. Nachos red due to corn chips- serve with toasted pita or topping for roasted jacket potato. Visit eMenu for recipe ideas where necessary.

347 Old Cleveland Road
QLD 4151

Phone: (07) 3324 1511

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