Wamuran State School Term 1 2018

Menu rating: 59

Health rating

59% Green
18% Amber
22% Red
0% Grey
Menu rating: 59

Rating Feedback

Great to see the focus of main meals on GREEN tuckshop made options and a number of marketing tools in place to appeal to students, with creative names like Wam Burger and Belly Warmers range. A number of red items to be removed/altered to increase menu rating. Remove all chips, jelly, honey joys, Glee and cookies/muffins with confectionary- market other snacks. Milkshakes or smoothies made with fruit or milo are ok, but not with syrup. Serve nachos in soft taco boats or with toasted pita or tortilla bread rather than corn chips. Encouraged to revise menu and resubmit.

347 Old Cleveland Road
QLD 4151

Phone: (07) 3324 1511

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