2020 has undoubtably been a challenging year for tuckshops and because of this QAST has made the decision to postpone our annual Tuckshop of the Year Awards for this year and instead host a virtual state-wide story telling event. We want to celebrate and acknowledge all Qld tuckshops for the outstanding work you have all done to support your school communities.

Stories from a Tuckshop Event

Stories from a Tuckshop event will be held in conjunction with Tuckshop Day on Friday 6 November 2020. We can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories and have a fun evening with you. Talk to your school community about celebrating with us remotely on Tuckshop Day. QAST want to link with regional celebrations around the state. So let us know what you are planning on Facebook or email admin@qast.org.au. Stay tuned for more details closer to the day!

Submit your entries now!

We are looking for those wonderful people from your school community who went that extra mile to perhaps keep the tuckshop open for essential worker’s children or prepared and sold meals to families to keep them going when times were tough.

If you know of someone or a group of people in your school community that went over and above during this unusual time, we want to hear about what they did. These stories will be highlighted in social media and main stream media.

We are so proud of how schools, and tuckshops in particular have adapted and changed their type of service to suit the COVID 19 pandemic. We want to spread the word to ensure whole communities know how well you have done.

Entries are open now and close on the 16th of October 2020. To enter your story from a tuckshop, please follow this link. 

The Recipe of the Year Competition is still being held as we know that in spite of the strange year we have had, many of you have continued to trial new recipes. So don’t be shy, if you have a great new recipe that the students love, that is quick and easy to make and cost effective, then please upload it to eMenu or send it in to admin@qast.org.au.  There is no limit to the number of entries so send them all in!!

The recipes will be trialled and tasted and the winning recipe will be awarded the Recipe of the Year 2020.

The QAST Recipe of the Year is supported by Health and Wellbeing Queensland.