To register as a user, enter all general and contact information and create a user password. Keep this password secure. To assign your user registration to a school or organisation, enter the school name and password available from QAST or create a new organisation. Keep this password secure and only provide it to people who have authority to have access to and provide information on behalf of your school or organisation. If you know or suspect that someone has unauthorised access to your school or organisation profile, contact QAST immediately.

Note that any user registration information or school or organisation details or other information provided may be utilised by QAST in accordance with the Privacy Statement. QAST reserves the right to delete, edit and publish any information added to eMenu. QAST reserves the right to delete user and organisation profiles and prohibit further access at anytime.By registering for eMenu and the QAST website you declare that the following are true and correct:

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  • that you are an authorised person to access an associated school/organisation profile
  • that you are an authorised person to add, edit, delete and receive information on behalf of an associated school/organisation profile