Coombabah State School

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Convenor: Jennifer Munro

No. of Students: 699 Days open: 5

The objective of our tuckshop is to provide a healthy affordable service which nourishes the mind and body. Healthy food equals healthy minds.

This year we have been working hard to change the way the school and community views food and our tuckshop.We have been creating healthy food with a real focus on presentation.

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FarnboroughState School

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Convenor: Amanda McLardy

No. of Students: 285 Days open: 2

The aim of our tuckshop is to provide fun, fresh and healthy food for our whole school community, that always adheres to the Smart Choices guidelines.

We only use the freshest of ingredients and by local when possible. The Farnborough State School tuckshop thrives on change; each term, Amanda, our convenor, changes the menu to keep in line with seasonal produce and climate.

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Brisbane Grammar School

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Operations Manager: Felice Gatenby

No. of Students: 1700 Days open: 5

Our Tuckshop mission is embodied in the BGS P&F Auxiliary’s motto; Connect, Care and Contribute.

The tuckshop provides an avenue for parents to connect to our Community, we care about the students, their health and well-being and we contribute to the School by providing funds that improve the School for the benefit of the staff and students.

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Cavendish Road State High School

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Convenor: Heather Connors and Roberta OMalley

No. of Students: 1577 Days open: 5

The Cavendish Road State High School team caters for a variety of preferences amongst their 1500 students. Popular dishes include ideas from other cultures like butter chicken, lamb souvlaki, burritos and fried rice.

The self-service style system directs students to a range of tuckshop made meals on entry to the tuckshop service area.

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Waraburra State School

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Convenor: Kylie Cristof

No. of Students: 461 Days open: 2

The tuckshop menu at Waraburra is small, simple and efficient. There are a selection of green sandwiches, wraps and snacks suitable for a primary school.

They offer a number of tuckshop favourites as green hot options made in the tuckshop by Kylie and her team. The only amber options on the menu are flavoured milks and a juice.

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Ipswich State High School

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Convenors: Janelle Long, Jodie Bailey and Shirley Johnston

No. of Students: 1524 Days open: 5

Innovation and thinking outside the box- these are just a couple of the attributes that the tuckshop at Ipswich State High School prides itself on. No more cream buns, no more pies and a much greater focus on health and wellbeing. We spoke to Business Service Manager, Jenny Shard, to find out more about the tuckshop, the team and the future goals for this motivated school.

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Whitfield State School

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Convenor: Sabrina Tregoning

No. of Students: 929 Days open: 5

“Cook fresh” gave the tuckshop a new lease on life… Nestled in the foothills of Mount Whitfield in Cairns is the reborn Peak Cafe.Go to this tuckshop and you will see a menu wall for the students, tempting them all as they pass by for morning classes, showing photos of all the foods made from scratch on site as well as a hanging herb garden. Fruit is featuring this year, offering variety both in the types of fruit and how it’s served, and it is paying off- sales are up by 300%!

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Mt Maria College Petrie

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Convenor: Peita McClenaghan

No. of Students: 280 Days open: 5

“You don’t need a fancy facility- people power can make all the difference.”The canteen convenor at Mt Maria College- Petrie, Peita McClenaghan, has fully embraced the concept of providing healthy options to the students and staff, despite having just a very small domestic type kitchen facility. At minimal expense Peita and the team have managed to outfit the tuckshop with a range of commercial appliances perfect for cooking low-cost meals efficiently.

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