Financial management is the key to a successful tuckshop, whether your goals are to simply cover costs and offer the service for students or to make a small profit for the school community. Key areas of financial management include controlled staff levels, monitoring cost of incoming goods and maintaining a suitable mark up on cost of goods.

If you are a member, QAST has a Financial Consultancy Service that is free. Download the application form to get started.

Education Queensland have negotiated Standing Offer Arrangements for purchase of grocery and uniform items please see fact sheets below for contact details with nominated suppliers.

Our member content below includes documents supporting financial management of the tuckshop. Members are also welcome to contact QAST any time for financial consult via review of profit and loss information and benchmark against well performing tuckshops.

Standing Offer Arrangement Update 2019 – this arrangement is for food and drink suppliers for state and non-state schools. It includes details on the process of seeking quotes from suppliers, plus details of the 12 suppliers included on the arrangement. It is not mandatory to follow this arrangement but aims to facilitate discounted pricing and less administration for schools.

Uniform Fact Sheet

On Line Ordering Fact Sheet

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