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Most tuckshops are open again from Term 3 2020, but with some changes in place. Please read below for details of requirements and links to government information.

In the members only section you will find a variety of resources to to assist you with the task of getting the tuckshop up and running again to meet the needs of your school communities.


For the latest information and updates please visit the Queensland Government’s Covid-19 information page or current roadmap to easing restrictions and Queensland Health’s website.

COVID-19 and Food Businesses

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has developed an information hub for food businesses. Key points:

  • There is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through food
  • Maintaining good hygiene practices is recommended
  • Anyone with suspected symptoms of respiratory illness should avoid preparing food for other people
  • Businesses need to follow any social distancing requirements requested by the government

Tuckshops should be vigilant in ensuring staff have been appropriately trained in food safety and are following appropriate procedures. Contact the QAST team if you have any food safety related questions. Read More

Department of Education has a public FAQ page regarding COVID-19 arrangements. There are also internal documents regarding appropriate COVID-safe practices for schools that can be obtained through OnePortal access, or otherwise discuss with your school Principal. This includes the COVID-19 operating guidelines for Queensland state schools in relation to staff and visitors.

COVID-Safe plans

In establishing appropriate procedures for your tuckshop, you may like to consult the Queensland Government COVID-safe checklist for cafes and restaurants. Whilst tuckshops are a different environment, this checklist can provide a useful starting point to consider what may need to be adapted within your operations. The 4 square metre/2 square metre requirements listed in this checklist are about customers seated at restaurants, so do not apply in the tuckshop setting. Like all community members, tuckshop staff, volunteers and visitors do need to maintain 1.5m physical distancing.

We also need to stay home when unwell, practice good personal hygiene and wash hands regularly in the tuckshop. Consider how these processes can be addressed by new or updated policies or procedures, and volunteer induction processes (more detail below). These posters may be a useful reminder for your community members about these requirements. You may also like to establish limits for the number of people in selected areas and advertise these on entrances using signs available here. 

Reopening the Tuckshop and Social Distancing

To help you comply with social distancing requirements we have prepared ‘How do I manage service time during Covid-19’ fact sheets for both primary and high schools.

COVID-19 Support for Employers & Employees

The Australian Government has announced two key schemes that may be helpful to support your tuckshop’s business operations at this time.

JobKeeper Allowance

This allowance is for $1500 per fortnight for each employee engaged as full-time, part-time or long-term, regular casuals as at 1st of March 2020. The business needs to show a 30% decline in turnover. For full details of the scheme, including eligibility please visit Australian Treasury website

P&Cs Qld has confirmed that P&Cs who employ staff are eligible to apply. Read More

Boosting Cash Flow for Employers

This scheme will provide temporary cash flow support for small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations. Full information is available via the ATO website.

For any further queries you have regarding employment contact your Parent Body, Union, Employsure or CMS.

Working from Home

If your tuckshop is currently closed, your employer may ask you to work from home. We know tuckshop convenors are always busy, and often complete paperwork in their own time. Now is a great opportunity for you to get on top of all your tuckshop paperwork and ‘to do list’, particularly if you are being paid to work from home through JobKeeper scheme.

We have also created the attached fact sheet with suggestions of tasks tuckshop staff can be working on from home. Read more about working from home tasks.

Reinduction Program for Volunteers

Term 3 will see some volunteers welcomed back into the school setting in many schools. As many volunteers have not volunteered in a tuckshop setting since early term 1 2020 it is advisable to provide your volunteers with a reinduction session around COVID-19. Read more about a Reinduction Program for Volunteers.

Weekly Live Chats – each Monday at 2pm

Across Term 2, the QAST team will be running a session each Monday at 2pm on a key topic. These sessions are primarily designed to give those working from home suggestions on tasks to complete that week, but all are welcome to tune in. Sessions will be run either on Facebook Live or Zoom conferencing, depending on the depth of information to be covered during the session. Recordings of Zoom sessions will be made available after each session. The proposed schedule for Term 2 is available here. Some topics may change depending on developments and feedback from participants.

QAST are also delivering our Pathway to Profit and Convenor Course in virtual formats from Term 2. Visit our training page for more details.

Weekly live chat recordings: 

Week 1: Food Safety Plans

Week 2: Menu planning & eMenu

Week 3: Menu design & using Canva

Week 4: Policies & procedures and Tuckshop Toolbox 

Week 5: Marketing.

Week 6: Facebook for Tuckshops

Week 7: Tuckshop service changes for COVID safety

Week 8: Smart Choices & recipe swaps

Week 9: Volunteers

Week 10: Planning for Term 3 

Tuckshop Takeaway Service for Families

QAST has been in touch with the Department of Education and Queensland Health regarding opportunities for the tuckshop to provide a service for families of essential workers. This could include providing family meals on a takeaway basis, as well as regular tuckshop orders for staff and students attending school. This would need approval from your Principal and tuckshop management.

Queensland Health Food Safety Standards team advise that if you are in a state school you are not required to hold a food licence. To comply with relevant legislation, a family meal service can only be provided to people picking up from the tuckshop, a delivery service is not permitted. You can speak with your local Queensland Health unit if necessary. If you are in a private school, you will need to check the conditions of your Food Licence with the local council to determine if takeaway meals are an option.

There are a number of considerations if you wish to set up a safe and effective takeaway meals service. We have created the attached fact sheet to address the key issues.

See details under option 3 of this fact sheet.


Staying Connected

At this time, it’s important for us all to take care of ourselves and each other, and stay connected. In this article we talk about how best to support each other, and how to effectively work from home.

ABC has written a great article on how to work from home whilst also managing young children. We know this is a challenge for many, and we all need to be patient, manage our expectations and not compare ourselves to others who may appear to have it all under control on social media.

Re-connect with your Volunteers

Now is a great time to re-connect with your volunteers, if you have the time and ability to do so. In this article we make some suggestions on how to re-connect and stay connected with your volunteers.

Topics you will find in the Members Section

  • Cleaning your Tuckshops prior to re-opening
  • Ongoing cleaning and food safety
  • Menu Planning and eMenu
  • Connecting with your Suppliers
  • Re-engaging with your Volunteers
  • Tips to Minimise the Risk of COVID-19 in Your Tuckshop Kitchen


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