Tuckshop Day

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Tuckshop Day, an initiative of the Department of Education, is held on the first Friday in November.

It is a day to recognise and give a special thank you to all tuckshop workers and volunteers across Queensland state schools.

It also highlights the important role tuckshops play in school life. Providing nutritious food and drinks means families can have one less task to worry about at the start of their day and helps students to concentrate and learn well in class.

How to celebrate Tuckshop Day

Schools are encouraged to celebrate Tuckshop Day to help show their appreciation for these important people in our communities.

Have you thought about how to thank your wonderful tuckshop staff and volunteers on Tuckshop Day?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Host a special breakfast or morning/afternoon tea to acknowledge tuckshop staff and volunteers
  • Present flowers and an appreciation certificate on assembly
  • Post on the school/P&C/P&F Facebook page and in the school newsletter
  • Present tuckshop staff with new aprons
  • Donate new equipment to tuckshop
  • Encourage the Principal, teachers or admin staff to help serve in the tuckshop
  • If time permits, offer students a special meal deal to celebrate Tuckshop Day. 
  • Ask students to colour and cut out flowers to pop on the tuckshop walls.
  • Encourage students to do these fun colouring-in activities. Use them as thank you cards or to decorate the school tuckshop.

Make sure that you share how you celebrated the day using #tuckshopday #qldTD2022 #ilovemytuckshop on socials.

Origami hearts

The Department of Education has developed a fun Origami Heart activity in 2022.

Have fun making origami hearts to decorate your tuckshop. Follow along with the origami heart instructional video and origami heart fact sheet.

Appreciation certificates

Schools can download and print the official Tuckshop Day thank you certificate from the Department of Education website and insert the names of their workers and volunteers.

Don’t forget to include any people who work in the tuckshop on other days of the week too!

There’s also a template that schools can use to make their own I love my tuckshop badges.

Take a look at how Tuckshop Day was celebrated in 2023, 2022 and 2021.

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