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Champions of school tuckshops recognised and celebrated

The unsung heroes of Queensland’s school tuckshops were recognised and celebrated on Tuckshop Day on Friday, 5 November.

The Queensland Association of School Tuckshops (QAST) encouraged schools across the state to get involved and develop innovative ways to officially acknowledge and thank their tuckshop staff for their hard work and dedication.

“Tuckshop staff and volunteers make such an important contribution to Queensland schools and are dedicated to providing nutritious food and drinks for school children, ensuring families have at least one less thing to juggle at the start of their day,” QAST Executive Services Manager, Chris Ogden said.

“This year especially, after so much continued uncertainty in the face of COVID-19, Tuckshop Day was the perfect chance to promote your school tuckshop and say thanks to the staff for their tremendous work throughout 2021.

“There’s so many ways tuckshop staff can be recognised; from a presentation on school assembly or a special morning tea, to a personalised Tuckshop Day Thank You certificate for them to display in their tuckshop.”

Students were also encouraged to get involved, through activities like thank you cards, posters and videos for tuckshop staff, or decorating the tuckshop walls with hand-made arts and crafts.

“Making an extra effort to show the volunteers and tuckshop staff that all their work is appreciated by the whole school community is a wonderful way to build school spirit,” Chris said.

Tuckshop Day is also a practical reminder that the food and drinks offered to children at school can play an important role in their development and wellbeing.

“Healthy eating and regular physical activity are essential to promoting and maintaining good health,’ Chris said.

“Tuckshops play an integral role in this so it’s important to recognise and celebrate their valuable contributions to the future leaders of tomorrow.”

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