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Food Legislation

Food safety policies and procedures are essential to ensure students are provided with food that is safe to consume. Food businesses are required to adhere to the Food Act 2006. The Act is the primary food safety legislation in Queensland and applies to all Queensland food businesses. The objectives of the Act are to ensure food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption, to prevent misleading conduct in relation to the sale of food and to apply the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code). The Act manages food safety according to the level of risk that the food business presents to the community. Enforcement of the Act is a joint responsibility of Queensland Health and local government.

Private school tuckshops are generally required to hold a food licence with their local council if they prepare any items on site, with supporting policies and procedures documented.  A private school’s food safety plan will to be audited by the local council. Every school food service should have a food safety plan.

State schools will not usually be audited, however it is still best practice to have a food safety plan in place. Download the helpful guide for non-profit organisations from Queensland Health which explains the exemptions and how to manage food safety in a non-profit organisation, linked below. It is also best practice for a Food Safety Supervisor to be employed in the tuckshop.

For support on food safety, you can contact the local Queensland Public Health Unit and Environmental Health Officer. Queensland Health has developed a useful tool for developing a Food Safety Plan with numerous templates included. Queensland Health has also produced a helpful pocket guide to assist non-profit groups in running fundraising events that are food safe.

QAST member resources include information on preparing a food safety plan, orientating staff and volunteers to food safety, cleaning and sanitising, developing templates and the use of home baked items.

Need more help? Check out our Food Safety Supervisor Course and find an upcoming date to enrol in.

QAST Food Safety Plan Resource

Queensland Public Health Units

Queensland Health Food Safety Program

QAST Food Safety Supervisor Course

Resource Downloads
Queensland Health Non-Profit Guide to Food Safety
Queensland Health Pocket Guide - Food Safety for Fundraising Events
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