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Pronto Packaging

Rectangle Containers

Ideal for serving both hot and cold food products. Economical and versatile, these microwave safe containers are available in a wide range of sizes with lids to suit.

Sizes available: 650, 750, 1000


Available in Blue, Clear and Latex variations, as well as powder-free variants.

Sizes available: Small to Extra Large


White Dispenser and 2 Ply Lunch Napkins.

Available: Folded and Unfolded

Paper Bags

Standard paper bags for serving takeaway products.

Available: White and Brown and various square and rectangular sizes.

Clear Plastic Cups

Clear plastic cups are ideal for heavier blended drinks, gourmet frozen beverages, yoghurt parfaits, and alcoholic beverages. Lids to suit are available.

Sizes available: 225ml (8oz), 500ml (16oz), 610ml (20oz)

Brown Check Cups

This Brown Check Cup is a perfect double wall hot cup, great for holding hot and cold beverages. Lids available to suit.

Sizes available: 280ml (8oz), 355ml (12oz), 490ml (16oz)


Various cutlery items available such as knives, forks, and spoons. Also available in 2-4 piece packaged cutlery sets.

K2Life Bottled Water 600ml

Australian owned and family operated. Spring water locally sourced from Northern New South Wales and Queensland springs. Free from toxins and heavy metals. BPA Free. pH7.9 – Naturally Alkaline. BFA Approved, Australian Certified Organic annually audit Spring, Facilities and Operations.

Cleaning Supplies

Bluedust offer a range of cleaning supplies and chemicals. Eco-friendly options also available.


Dishwasher liquid and powder
Bathroom cleaner
Rinse aid
Floor cleaner, window and glass cleaner
Caustic soda
Kitchen maid
Methylated spirits
Oven and grill cleaner
Sanitiser, antibacterial hand soap
Heavy duty wipes, sponges, scourers, gloves and more!

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