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Turnaround Queen bids farewell

The turnaround queen of Oakleigh State School tuckshop, Tammy Drake, has bid farewell to the convenor role, leaving the tuckshop in a thriving position with a focused vision for the future.

Taking on the role in 2017, Tammy was keen to turn the tuckshop around and transform it into a thriving, healthy business.

QAST were happy to help and came onboard to complete a full Tuckshop Tuneup service and train Tammy up through the Food Safety Supervisor Course.

“I also went along to regular tuckshop network meetings and sought advice on recipes to achieve a healthier menu. QAST provided assistance on numerous occasions and were very accommodating,’ Tammy said.

“We also doubled our operating days, going from a two-day, to a four-day a week service, along with introducing school catering as an option.

“The changes we implemented when I came onboard resulted in the tuckshop making a profit, after previously running at a loss.” 

Throughout her time in the role, Tammy also completely transformed the menu, transitioning to an offering where everything is made on site, except for drinks and ice blocks. Student favourites include the fresh garlic bread, pizza muffins, spaghetti bolognese, homemade slushies and frozen pineapple rings.

For the last four years the tuckshop has thrived with a 5-apple rated menu that goes above and beyond Smart Choices requirements.

Tammy Drake, Dr Jeannette Young and Lisa Podmore

It was these remarkable achievements that earned Tammy the QAST Tuckshop Convenor of the Year in 2018 and landed the tuckshop in the 2019 Top Ten Tuckshop list.

Tammy has nothing but fantastic memories of her time in the role, describing the biggest highlight as playing a part in shaping happy and healthy students.

“I loved my role in the school community. I had a supportive P&C, an amazing Assistant Convenor, and some incredible volunteers I have made lifelong friendships with,” Tammy reflects.

While the new convenor will have big shoes to fill, Tammy is happy to pass on her words of wisdom.

“Patience is key. Listen to feedback from the community about menu ideas, food intolerances etc.,” Tammy said.

“Provide recipe cards for the volunteers to prepare items anytime of the day. Every little bit of assistance is helpful.”

“And above all, respect your volunteers and reward them. Treats like Tim Tams, Garlic Bread and time for a cuppa coffee or tea go a long way.

Tammy has taken on a new role to further her career progression and QAST wishes her all the best and thanks her for her dedicated service.

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