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Creating Healthier Tuckshops in Queensland Schools

The Healthier Tuckshops program is a proud partnership between QAST and our funding partner, Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

The program is all about helping tuckshops serve healthy foods and drinks, in line with the Smart Choices strategy for Queensland schools. Available to all schools, the program offers free networking opportunities, online resources, and communications. A free food and drink classification service for manufacturers, industry members and suppliers is also available.

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Tuckshop Network Meetings

Convenors love connecting with each other, but how often do you get the chance? QAST holds face-to-face (one per term in each Region) and regular state-wide virtual network meetings. All convenors, volunteers and P&C members welcome. Check out the calendar to find your next meeting.

Selected Menu Planning Resources

QAST is always developing and updating new menu planning resources, including sample menus for your schoool tuckshop. You can view a selection of these under "Menu Planning" in the Resources section. 


Everyone loves a new recipe. At QAST, we are always making, tasting and uploading new recipes to the recipe section for you to try. Many of these recipes are sourced from schools throughout Queensland. You can even filter by ingredient, meal type, vegan, vegetarian etc. 

Case Studies

We know you love to hear about what other schools are doing, so when we find someone going above and beyond for their school we make a case study to share. If you have a success you want to share, let us know!

Recipe of the Year

Recipe of the Year is the chance to celebrate the wonderful recipes you have trialled and succeeded with throughout the year. The competition shows how resourceful and innovative tuckshop convenors are.


Distributed to all schools across Queensland, even if you're not a member, the quarterly Healthier Tuckshops newsletter aims to inform and inspire, sharing tIps on creating healthier menus and looking after your health.


Tuckshop convenors often listen to the radio during food prep and so we thought we could put together some really useful and entertaining information to play during this time. Stay tuned for more to come about this, commencing 2022. 

Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service

QAST provides a free Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service for food and drink suppliers of school tuckshops. It is designed to assist manufacturers to determine where their new and existing products fit in the Smart Choices, Healthy Food and Drink Strategy for Queensland schools.

The Healthier Tuckshops program is funded by the Queensland Government through Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

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