Healthier Tuckshops Program

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Creating Healthier Tuckshops in Queensland Schools

The Healthier Tuckshops program is a proud partnership between QAST and our funding partner, Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

The program is all about helping tuckshops serve healthy foods and drinks, in line with the Smart Choices strategy for Queensland schools. Available to all schools, the program offers free networking opportunities, online resources, and communications. A free food and drink classification service for manufacturers, industry members and suppliers is also available.

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Tuckshop Network Meetings

Our regular tuckshop network meetings give convenors, volunteers and P&Cs the chance to connect and share ideas.

Selected Menu Planning Resources

Creating a healthier menu is easy with this range of menu planning resources, including sample menus for your school tuckshop.


We're always making, tasting and uploading new recipes for you to try, with many sourced from Queensland schools. You can even filter by ingredient, meal type or dietary requirement. 

Case Studies

We know you love to hear about what other schools are doing, so when we find someone going above and beyond for their school we make a case study to share.

Recipe of the Year

Recipe of the Year celebrates the wonderful recipes produced by school tuckshops. The competition shows how resourceful and innovative tuckshop convenors are.


Distributed to all Queensland schools, even if you're not a member, the quarterly Healthier Tuckshops newsletter informs and inspires, sharing tips on creating healthier menus and looking after your health.


The Talking Healthier Tuckshops podcast talks all things school tuckshops, family health and wellbeing. We explore topics that matter to parents and people working in the tuckshop space, providing tools, strategies and ideas to implement in your everyday.

Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service

QAST provides a free Smart Choices Nutrition Advisory Service to assist manufacturers in determining where their new and existing products fit in the Smart Choices, Healthy Food and Drink Strategy for Queensland schools.

The Healthier Tuckshops program is funded by the Queensland Government through Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

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