Kangaroo Stew



Created by:

Wooloowin State School, QAST
Preparation Time
30 min
Cooking Time
60 min




500gKangaroo fillet, cubed
8EachBaby potatoes, quatered
5EachCarrots, cut into chunks
1TbspGarlic, minced
3EachOnions, diced
3LitreVegetable stock
2TbspTomato paste
2TbspPlain flour


  1. Put a large pot on medium-high heat. Add a tablespoon of olive or neutral oil.
  2. Add diced meat in batches, thoroughly browning all sides before removing onto a plate.
  3. Add vegetables into the pot, alongside a quarter cup of vegetable stock. Stir thoroughly to mix through any residue from the bottom of the pot. Cook for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Place meat back into pot and sift over the flour. Mix thoroughly and cook until you can no longer smell flour, approximately five minutes. Mix tomato paste through the mixture.
  5. Pour in vegetable stock and bring the stew to a simmer. Reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, until the meat is tender (at least an hour).

Recipe description

A hearty, warming stew best served with bread.


Serve hot with a side of crusty bread.

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