Good Quick Chickpea Burgers



Created by:

Deadly Choices




1 canchickpeas
1 gratedsmall carrot
½ onion, diced
2garlic cloves
¼ cup SR flour
1 tbspvegetable oil
1 tbsp water
1small bag spinach
4reduced-fat cheese slices
4wholemeal burger rolls


  1. Place drained and rinsed chickpeas into a large mixing bowl
  2. Mash chickpeas using a potato masher or a large fork
  3. Grate carrot, and finely dice onion and garlic. Add to mashed chickpeas
  4. Add flour and water to the bowl and mix well
  5. Form 4 patties from the chickpea mix
  6. Heat oil in pan, once oil is hot, cook patties, turning to cook on both sides
  7. Add patties, spinach, tomato and cheese to burger rolls to serve

Recipe description

This high protein, vegetarian recipe is a great option for all. Made in collaboration with Deadly Choices, a preventative health organisation that aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. To learn more about Deadly Choices go to


  1. If you have a food processor, you can use it on pulse setting to combine ingredients in steps 2 and 3 (if you don’t mind washing it up!)
  2. Add a teaspoon of ground pepperberries / curry powder for a spicy flavour change; or fresh basil and parsley for a herby alternative.
  3. Grate in raw pumpkin /sweet potato or add defrosted peas to bump up the veggie content.
  4. Add avocado to coat the bun, instead of butter or sauce.

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